• https://plus.google.com/115194199565322841506/about John Britsios

    Christoph I had no intention to harm your reputation and I got a reply to my feedback.

    Do you agree that if a user will need to upload two reports instead of one for the links he will need to disavow may cause problems with Google?

    Do you have any evidence that Google will not have a problem with trying to import multiple reports?

    Again don’t blame me if I could not find any “Help” or “Warning” to avoid the troubles I mentioned above.

    If webmasters won’t ask, do you think they would know what has to be done intuitively?

    As I said before: People with less experience and who rely on your tool as the “Holy Grail” could get damaged. Isn’t that obvious?

    And as I said before, please do not take this as an offense. I love “Detox” for identifying “Toxic” links. About the “Suspicious” the metrics require a whole a lot of improvement, but there you cannot be blamed for anything, since you also tell that it requires manual evaluation.

    Are we now on the same page?

  • MFR

    Google Earnings, Revenue Miss Wall Street Forecasts (2 hours AGO)

    “Google reported its quarterly earnings much earlier than
    expected Thursday, and the results missed analysts’ expectations

    Lets hope all these algo changes are NOT related to Go-gle trying to reach their earnings targets…

  • https://plus.google.com/115194199565322841506/about John Britsios

    But not with DTOX. Correct?

  • Vignesh

    By using this tool is there any possible to overcome the last penguin update and will this tool helps the dropped websites?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pavel-Medvedev/100000347887043 Pavel Medvedev

    if previous seo-optimazer accidentally or specially deleted all links, i can return it?

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    It sounds like you were hit by Penguin 1 (that was 4/24) and yes, I’d say any links you think are low quality or potentially seen as spammy, try disavowing them with this tool.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    I have a question out to them about this. Potentially, they could. Realistically, it would be dangerous. Anyone could disavow a good site, for example. However, I suspect if they see a lot of disavow requests that correspond with sites they already think poorly of, that could be an additional blow to those sites. Just speculation, however.

  • SEO Sydney

    This is a better way of minimizing negative seo as well as creating a rule over low quality content….a great tool of this age!

  • Yogendra Chavda

    i do link building according to google’s guideline.. One of my website got hit by my competitors blog comment blast which i don’t use for my link building strategy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/EricGondwe Eric Gondwe WebMinistry

    A useful tool & partly a sign Google is willing to work with smaller players on the web. Ever since its first Panda update it’s been like Google has settled to first rank corporate elite sites

  • https://plus.google.com/115194199565322841506/about John Britsios

    Could it be because corporate sites prefer to hire professional SEOs, and smaller players not? Or because they can afford investing more?

    If two players, one large and one small would hire an equally good SEO company, who will have more success? The company with the lower budget or the one with the higher budget?

  • Yousee

    It’s not that only blog comment links are considered as spam links but other links from articles, directories, bookmarks and other may be bad links.

  • Outtanames999

    “This is not a tool you should use under any normal circumstances.”
    “Most people do not need to use this tool.”
    “If you’re not doing really especially egregious seo with all kinds of weird link networks or stuff like that, this is not a tool you should need to use under any sort of normal circumstances.”

    Now of course I realize YOU are not normal. You’re special, aren’t you? Sure you are. And you’re stupid too, right?

    So.. you want to use the disavow tool. Great! Google welcomes your confession of your sins – err, I mean your submission. Now Google will know about all the “especially egregious seo with all kinds of weird link networks or other stuff like that” that you have been doing all along. And just what exactly do you suppose they are going to do with that information (that they already have and suspected but you have now confessed to in writing)?

    Remember who Matt Cutts is. Matt Cutts is an seo spy. His job is to find out what you are doing and stamp it out..And he loves his job. He works with such glee. He is that nice troll in a video game. And now here he comes along just at the right time, handing you a magic wand.that vanquishes all of those pesky Penguin and Panda enemies with this disavow tool and just imagine how many bad linking neighborhoods you can tell Google about with this tool.

    Like a magic wand, this is the tool you have been waiting for. You’ve been stuck on Level 9 for months now and this will finally take you to the top level in the game – or will it? Maybe if you use it three times, it will take you down a sewer pipe straight back to Level 1 where you will have to start the game all over again,But he’s such a nice, polite troll, isn’t he?

  • http://www.authoritybuzz.com/ Ryan Cote

    I’m torn about this tool. The paranoid side of me says it’s Google’s way of using us to gather massive amounts of backlink data. But at the same time, I can see where this tool would be awesome if you mess up in your link building or you’re hit by negative SEO. It’s kind of like Google Analytics…it’s an amazing FREE tool that is hard not too use, but the downside is you’re giving Google lots of data. I know you can say if you have nothing to hide than what’s the big deal…and I agree with that…but sometimes Google doesn’t get it right.

    Man, what a crazy year it’s been for SEO!

  • http://twitter.com/monkeynut monkeynut

    Ok, so if somebody was performing negative seo on my ste, hosing my site with thousands of spam links per day, tell me Cutts how am I going to keep up?

  • Peter Kern

    Yes waste of time. You just wasted four weeks on removing links. With this new tool you will be still wasting your time. Your website never gonna get ranking back just because you remove some links. You would make things even worse :) But good luck !

  • Ali Donggon

    Good stuff, I look forward to hearing more and staying up with ever-changing G updates.The landscape has changed drastically and it can be quite difficult to keep up on just what is and is not acceptable. Now I’ll be having major revisions with my http://sydneytaxation.com/ site.

  • http://www.manual-submissions.com/ Michiel Van Kets

    the big question is; what will google do with the other links on those pages? is that what they’re really after, not disavowing your links, but de-indexing the pages themselves? (that’s what I would do)

  • http://www.manual-submissions.com/ Michiel Van Kets

    or they just want us to report the ‘bad’ pages, we helping them with giving the information MANUALLY to them, so they can filter out (read de-index) more pages …. I really don’t think they’re doing it for us :)

  • Rajan Yadav

    I am unable to upload my bad links file :(
    Kindly help

  • http://twitter.com/EnterSharmy Sharmy

    I don’t know the advantage of disavow link tool to use for http://vietnamtourism009.blogspot.com

  • http://twitter.com/austinseotx Austin SEO

    The disavow tool is a good way to help recover from a penalty. It is
    not, of course, the only road to recovery but, as long as it is used
    wisely along with a few other simple procedures, a penalty-ridden
    website will be back on the straight and narrow in no time.