• Social Media Manager

    It these types of paid services that will hopefully bring in the money
    and will enable Google to keep adverts out of Google plus stream.

  • Eduard de Boer

    Unfortunately, it’s not yet available in the Netherlands.

    I’ve applied for it, received an invitation code, but when I enter it, I get the message that it’s not available in my country. Bummer!

  • TmWe

    First two helpouts I saw in the Computers category looked very much like the reviews were fake ones.

    https://helpouts.google.com/105616382863736093574/ls/8c5029092dabf540 Reviewed by wife

    https://helpouts.google.com/100467546437459060545/ls/89cb3d6fbd78e662 Reviewed by Mum !

    Google needs to make this clearer. Instead of the title ‘reviews’ It should read something like ‘Ratings From My Family’

  • Philip Ellis

    Same situation over here in Ireland.

  • Dave Davies

    Of course, because as we know – when Google makes money from one thing they don’t bother with the others. ;)

  • daveintheuk

    These days, I suspect Google would be more interested in find out the relationship between the provider and reviewer and adding that to their cache of personal information they use to sell ads etc than they would about misleading users ;-)

  • http://thejakejordan.com/ baldjake


    One of our medical clients got and email to join Helpouts as an expert. It appears they are making initial evaluations on local reviews. See screen shot from the email here: http://fe.gd/NB5

  • illz

    Do you have any idea what their pre defined search terms are based from? it shows more then regular google search.