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    Hey Barry,

    Good post. As I stated on my blog post, this really makes me curious as to how Google is going to use text links. How are they going to implement and render them? And is it another industry they have their eye set on conquering?

    Good post. Made me think…

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    The text links will be JavaScript based, but look like standard hyperlinks.

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    Why isn’t this Payperpost II? They basically say you should promote the person’s items without even knowing if they are good or bad. And their disclosure is just a mouseover.

    I go into more discussion on my site (click my name)…

  • http://www.eddiewalter.com/blog Eddie Walter


    From what I’ve read and seen, the text links provided by Google are still located somewhere outside the “content” of the page. The header, sidebar, footer, etc… So, in my mind at least, there’s really no comparison to PayPerPost. And remember, the only organization that I recall having a big problem with PPP was the FTC. I think it has to do with companies buying advertising (“endorsements”) without disclosing that it’s advertising. I don’t know.

    Interesting point though.

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    I wrote about this move two years ago when Google acquired Urchin. See http://www.dudumimran.com/pivot/entry.php?id=519


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    My business is geared for the small website owner and I work for only organic results. However, PPA will change this somewhat. I having been waiting for this for a long time. I would never use PPV but PPA makes a lot of sense to me.

    I already know that 70% of my website visitors are not looking to purchase. Paying for a specific action makes a lot of sense.