• http://www.adwatcher.com Boris Mordkovich

    In case you guys are interested, here’s the translation:


    Ask Questions

    1) If you have a question that you can’t find an answer to, press the “Ask” button.

    2) When you type in your question, we will try to match it up with any similar questions that may already be in the database.

    3) Make sure to tag your question carefully so that others could find it easily.

    4) Your question will be shown to those that are interested in this subject matter.


    1) While people are answering your question, you can take a look at the existing “tags” and select themes that may interest you.

    2) Let us know if you can answer questions of any specific theme by tagging yourself to that theme? *Not sure how that functions*

    3) When you click on a tag, it will only show you the questions that you may be interested in.


    1) If you found a question that you can fully answer, press the button “Answer”.

    2) In the answer, you can include links to other pages that may be helpful to whoever asked the question.

    3) Try to give answers that other users will rate as “5 Stars”!


    Hope this gives you a rough idea of how that works. Sometimes it is actually pretty useful to know other languages. :)