• http://twitter.com/HeliumVarious Kevin Bradley

    I understand the point, but in order to really force the issue home to Google it would require blocking them from indexing and crawling a site.

    If Google keeps serving irrelevant results for your targeted search terms, but you maintain a quality site, the easiest solution is to prevent Google from having access to your quality content. The snowball affect (if everyone with quality sites followed), would mean Google couldn’t serve up quality content because all the quality sites prevented them from indexing their content. That is one way to get the masses to shift :)

    Obviously it would also mean using alternatives like Bing as site search options as well. This would expose the Bing brand to more people. In turn, people would become used to seeing results by Bing and more likely to use Bing as their default search option.

    I am not advocating this, just pointing out it would require a large scale movement to have any chance of Google noticing. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/keenan.m.daniels Keenan Daniels

    I see a bunch of garbage websites ranking for terms while very high quality and useful sites are languishing. While none of our sites have lost rankings it seems to be much harder for newer sites to gain rankings.  

  • Peter Watson

    I’m sick of everyone saying that this new update is hitting spammy site! My site dominated my niche for years and within a day my site has completely tanked! I spend hours and hours ever single day for years working on quality content and never, ever build spammy links! But somehow my site has accumulated some ‘inorganic’ links. mmm, dirty tactics, I think yes!

    This is total BS! I am now out of a job through no fault of my own. Please Google, tell my why http://www.business-trader.com.au has had its ass kicked?

  • http://twitter.com/armondhammer Steve Hammer

    CheckNGo disappeared a few weeks ago, well before this update.  I agree that the results are bad, but that’s not the reason.

  • http://www.developmentcatalyst.blogspot.com/ Development Catalyst Admin

    If Google wants Website owners to  focus on  creating high quality sites  that create a good user experience,then attaching a different  useful  feature inside the  website is a great idea-Like a blog or a something.I think this just suits me fine.

  • http://www.mikehaydon.com MikeHaydon

    Just being analysing mine and my clients sites. Preliminary results seem to point to only an onpage spam update. Linkbuilding was the same across a bunch of sites. Only one site was hit with penalties, the others increased in rankings.

    The site that was hit was overly aggressive with tags (built on wordpress) with tags, dates and other archives indexable, resulting in a lot of tag pages with only one post. Overall effect was keyword stuffing (in displaying the tags for the post) and duplicate content. When I say ive, I’m talking some pages had 50+ tags.

    Have corrected the issues & it’ll be interesting to see if previous rankings come back.

  • http://twitter.com/natharvind Arvind Nath

     Before changing search algorithms what was using as white hat in past Google must give some times to webmasters to take necessary actions to save the ranking of the site.

  • abgp

    I follow that SERP….lots of low quality site ranking as of this evening.

    Seems to be bouncing around quite a bit over the last 24 hours though.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Well, he confirmed there was a Panda Update that no one knew about. I’m hoping to do a follow-up in the very near future. 

  • http://about.me/syednomanali Syed Noman Ali

    Love It finally i got some release to wipe-out spammers who are above my websites :) Thanks to Google

  • http://twitter.com/GDRShop GDRShop

    This update is S T U P I D L Y    U G L Y

  • http://www.lexolutionit.com/ Lexolution IT Services, India

    Hey Guys and a very good morning to you

    Got a very exciting news for those who are
    pissed-off with the issue of web spam and unethical SEO practices. Google is
    ready with certain updates in it’s algorithms that will penalize the websites
    that are into unethical SEO practices. This move by Google will surely promote
    quality websites and content on the internet and will demote rankings of website
    violating Google’s guidelines. The websites under the scanner will include sites
    that use practices like:

    Link schemes

    Stuffing unnecessary keywords

    Doorway pages, sneaky re-directs

    Duplicate Content

    Isn’t it great friends? Let me know your views and
    opinions on the same topic….!!


    Maneet Puri 

  • Captain_Salad

    Wow, I worked my ass off for three years, night and day working for peanuts but slowely building up a monthly income, I worked every weekend and JUST started to make enough money to pay all my bills and support my young family.

    (Im disabled so there is very little else I can do).
    Now I have clients on the phone asking where the sites have gone and already stopping payment, I dont use black hat! I really feel like taking a gun to my head in all honesty, one night and I have lost everything!

    I have only used back links from other related business’s……

  • http://twitter.com/infohealthguide Denny Liyon

    It’s really a good news for all those webmasters who love ethical SEO and hate spaming. Since the world is becoming more realistic thus now there is no space for web spammer in SEO world. It may be possible that few websites drop their ranking but ultimately it will be a great experience for users who will get most relevant and accurate search results. Thanks Google… 

  • http://twitter.com/MaydayPictures Meredith Nunnally

     I agree it would take a very large movement, which I, and I’m sure most others, would not risk de-indexing a website from Google to be a part of.

  • Brian Robison

     That’s a good point.  It’s 2 days later from Google’s post where they said that they were launching in the next few days so it may not even be launched yet.

  • http://www.usbtips.com/ USBtips

    Nope, USBtips is a new project we are working on, it doesn’t rank for much of anything yet. I was referring to our main ecommerce site, which is unrelated to usbtips, and is doing really well since the webspam update.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lionel-Rizky/100003781846299 Lionel Rizky

     make it easier to promote your website http://easyhighincomejobs.com/ please visit my website and select the one product that I offer my diwebsite. thank you

  • TodaySEO

    Please help me understand this: I have a new site that just launched last month. If I search for my client using its branded keyword (name of company) on Google’s search page…I get nothing.
    BUT when I search for the site again on Google’s search page like this:

    It’s there!
    Please help me understand what this means and if I need to do anything on my end!
    Thanks in advance!!

  • Mike Chaleff

    it seems that you realize the backlash, yet you write an article that almost praises the update. the harm this update has done is real. and more real than you can imagine… and its catastrophic and utterly wrong that they are killing the truly good, legitimate sites and letting all the spammy sites as well as old blank domains run to the top rankings for broad search terms, and now google’s search engine is practically worthless to most users and searchers due to this disgrace known as the Penguin update…. i’ll repost what i posted on YOUR article:

    “google is commiting suicide… if it doesnt revert back. and not only that, but itll be murdering an insane multitude of sites, businesses, jobs (including mine! – which is why i was and am freaking out), and people’s livelihoods along with it… F*** YOU GOOGLE FOR BEING DUMB PIECES OF S***, AND FOR RUINING SEO AND LEGITIMATE WHITE HAT SITES AND BUSINESSES ON GOOGLE WITH THIS NEW ALGORITHM…. REVERT BACK OR DIE WITH THE REST OF US!!!!… because you will f***ing become obsolete, for the results that you ping back in your top rankings are mostly useless to the user searching with the given keywords now. but yea, F*** YOU for doing this and potentially ruining my life (if you dont revert back)…
    here’s what i was asking my boss about, after discovering this and going through the big discussion of what this meant for us and our business and my job: reading thru the comments and actually seeing google’s search results when used…. wont google HAVE TO revert back from this nightmare of an algorithm update?? because with the results that are popping up, and from the testimony from hundreds of people in the comments section of that link…. how will google have any legitimate search usage anymore whatsoever, if the results that pop up in the top rankings are hardly any content within the pages given (almost no seo, usually one-page/thin-affiliate sites), or webpages that come up that have exact keyword match for the url (ie – best penny stocks keyword matching to a site url that would be bestpennystocks.com, regardless if its even a working site or not)…. i dont even see how google can let this stay as it is with this new algorithm…. it literally makes using google as a search engine almost COMPLETELY useless, and brings up almost no relevent or helpful links at all…. i dont see how they will be able to NOT revert back from this without suiciding its entire brand and reputation as a whole… i mean, what do u think? do u think theyre actually gonna stay with this update? how would it be possible if all of the top ranking results are useless and meaningless for the keyword/s put in and to the user searching? it just doesnt make any fucking sense to me…
    …and to gauge how many other businesses and websites that used white hat seo techniques that are being affected, not too mention the top ranking results that are appearing (the worst ever seen in history)…. i just cant see them logically keeping this update, unless, like i mentioned on facebook when i posted the link, that they are in a sense, commiting suicide, if they dont revert back.
    …it just seems so irresponsible, counter-productive, and just straightup idiotic to not have tested this and everything before initiating it. cause it absolutely doesnt work at all for what they were proposing it for…
    also… theyve pretty much enabled Negative SEO, from what im reading, with this new algorithm… i never knew about negative seo before, but after reading about it, they are basically enabling it to be in full force with this new update…. and if thats the case, then they just failed their initial objective tenfold, and just made it a hundred times worse than before to be able to use black hat techniques, cuz then, ppl will just hire seo ppl to do seo and linking to competitors’ sites so they end up dropping in rank due to this new algorithm, and like one of the commentors said; itll be a new War within the SEO community…. all because of this one google change.
    im just blown away that this is really happening… im just praying they realize what theyve done and rollback the algorithm change for the sake of those whose lives were affected and to keep google alive and relevant, for if it doesn’t, it is going to wither and die extremely fast.
    …and lastly, apparently, theyre sayin that a business owner who was having trouble with his business, was also affected by this new google algorithm change… basically it was the last straw and he committed suicide. this shit is real. this is the biggest fuckup google has ever created in it’s entire history of existence….
    he committed suicide cause his business was already in trouble, and then with the google change, his top-ranked site got deranked completely, and thus lost 100% of all site traffic, leaving him with zero business left. truly a sad day…. “

  • http://www.facebook.com/christiang Christian Griffith

    I’m stoked. (2) Client sites moved up very well. My own blog increased exposure across my same bible of keywords. 

    But, doing a random search on my own, I did find an instance where a domain squatter page ranked #1 for a query

    Search for ‘pensacola bridge swim’ – and you’ll get http://www.3milebridgeswim.org/ as the #1 result. It’s a squatter page. :)

    Yikes, Google.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Yikes indeed.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    It’s hard to help when you don’t say the site. It could mean there’s a penalty.

  • http://www.shoutmeloud.com/ Harsh Agrawal

    Now they have removed it from first few pages… Seems like manual removal…. :|

  • http://www.shoutmeloud.com/ Harsh Agrawal

    Lol Viagra PayPal france..Nice find!!

  • http://www.shoutmeloud.com/ Harsh Agrawal

    @Traff_SEO:disqus Let the quality content do the automatic SEO optimization: Natural links and Social sharing..
    Rest On page and on site SEO is in our hand which is good enough for us…if we are offering quality content..!!
    Google has mentioned that they don’t hate SEO and white hat SEO helps in improving the visibility of site..

  • http://www.seekably.com/ Suraj KV

    When does Google start loving webmaster?

  • http://gizhack.com/ Madhav Tripathi

    These updates may not be good for some of the innocent people but it is a hammer for real spammers.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/rkett Ryan Kett

    I think people in these comments are misunderstanding the term ‘negative SEO’. Inflicting damage on somebody else’s web property by creating fake links is called ‘google bombing’. It is certainly a big worry, but negative SEO is a relatively new piece of terminology which relates to practices which would once result in boosting your SERPS positions now doing the opposite. E.g. creating lot of anchored backlinks would once result in a positive SEO effect…. it could now get you penalized. The ‘negative SEO’ trend is one which has seen a growing number of people recommend that you do absolutely no SEO whatsoever (particularly off site). I do believe that backlinks are the way forward, but they have to be very high quality, and high quality backlinks are effectively limited to high quality article directories, guest blogging, and small well-hidden private blog networks. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/rkett Ryan Kett

    I’m seeing 110,000 exact searches. Not that traffic is relevant, I bet you could make more money with that term than you could with many terms which take over 1 million. Traffic numbers bear little relevance, it looks like a huge term to me. I mean, any muppet could make a good living wage out of ranking at #1 for that term right?

  • http://www.mikehaydon.com MikeHaydon

     wow. It even shows up #1 in a search from Australia

  • http://twitter.com/vengat_owen Vengat Owen

    We have to say welcome to PENGUIN…  At last Google’s Aim is to control the SEO and forcing business owners into Adwords.  He He he

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V6GF66HIUBBQSP237R7QVWOWJA Win

    The new search result are horrible and not as per user queries. Some sites with no content or minimum content showing on 1st page. Google must do something to rectify it. Earlier results were much much better. Although sites were doing over optimization, but they were very much or 100% related to user queries.

  • http://www.rlamsal.com.np Rabindra Lamsal

    Google update from google..Let’s hope everything will be good for hardworking bloggers!!

  • almondj

    I held a front page ranking for my main keyword for nearly 4.5 years and I’ve fallen to #13 since this update. The schema stuff seems to be ignored now days and none of my usual methods of gaining a rank or two are working :(. Anyway to figure out if this rank has affected me?

  • Krunalpatel

    3.1% of the websites are affected by this update

    Are there really just 3.1% spam sites?

  • Krunalpatel

    Don’t hate the game … hate google … I’ve read some time ago a post called “seo is dying” this should be the end ;(

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    It’s 3.1% of queries that are done, not of web sites.

  • http://www.sharanyan.com Sharanyan


    Penquin Update really good and big Hammer for Content Spinning & duplicate content providers. btw, there is a typo mistakes in google inside search post http://insidesearch.blogspot.com/2012/04/another-step-to-reward-high-quality.html

    word repeated two times “to be to be” in this post. have you ntoiced that ?

  • Dennis Rotolo

    Why was my site punished? Here is an example of my content:

    Coffee machines, coffee brewing machines and coffee making machines are used for brewing coffee in various quantities. Here at coffee flying dot geewiz(sic), we offer coffee machines for restaurants and banquets. We also have a wide assortment of coffee brewing machines for home use and even a mobile coffee maker! 

    You are bound to find a coffee making machine for your specific need at one of our links below.

    Coffee machine for Home use
    Coffee machine for Restaurant use 
    Coffee machine for Office Use
    Coffee machine for Mobile use

    In the meta – keywords box I have: Coffee machine, coffee brewing machine, coffeemaker, restaurant coffee machine, mobile coffee maker, etc..

    On my pages are links a website I have where I offer COFFEE, another where I offer various coffee supplies and yet another where we provide rental, leasing, delivery and set-up for coffee machines and events (weddings, banquets, luncheons, etc)

    These websites are not all owned by the same corporation, so, I cannot make them all one site, or all one company. But all the sites are linked together with one link.

    Am I guilty of keyword stuffing? Webspam? Link scheming? All of my sites are relevant to each other. 

    I’m not linking home loans to exercise equipment to Viagra to porn to Canadian pharmaceuticals.

    None of my sites had ranking on coffee machine or coffee maker. My ranking existed with coffee machine or coffee maker with the word restaurant or commercial, industrial before it or after it, etc. 

    I do not understand why I would be punished and lose all ranking. My sites have relevance, I sell a legitimate product that has various uses, and can be defined or searched for in various ways.

    Our offsite links are from our fans on FB and our demo videos on YouTube. Could these links be hurting my site, even though they are beneficial to our customers?

    If I sold Private Aircraft, would it be wrong if I also sold parts, service, lessons, storage, charter service, rental, leasing? And linked all THOSE sites together?

    I KNOW that doing this is beneficial to my web presence, based on my revenue and my feedback from my customers.

    So, any suggestions?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DXXEXTXOHE3JXPHZR6SCMBDXPU Kali

     contacting google is pointless, reinclusion is pointless unless u r a very experienced with dealing with google and can find a name and email of someone who really listen to you and only when you have a strong claim. I do hope someone will click on undo as content is going to be much worse in the next years. Why should i spend alot of money on best writers i could find in market when google change the rules at that manner. Most people will be tolerant when they see their site/s kicked out and replaced with qualitier sites but everybody reports that the subs are crappy spam. The SERP’s quality is the worse i have ever seen in 12 years, people are already switching to bing. Way to go Matt, you and your team are responsible for sabotaging the core product of google.
    I am going to stop google SEO, let go of 10 excellent SEO staff members with heavy heart and start looking for non Google SEO income sources and there are some.
    I dont think that this is what Matt’s wish as my sites are amazing from onsite and content quality so Google will remain with the machine and spammers.
    The link building my team made is very careful non spammy ways.
    I am seriously considering shutting down my biz

  • vannak168

    yes it is good 

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    It would help if you gave the site address.

  • http://twitter.com/CommerceEasy EasyCommerce

    Yes, from this updates, affected lot more sites from the search results. Those updates are old but still the penguin strictly down for that practices.

  • Khurram Ali

    Its too much . I think SEO going difficult day by day .

  • http://www.youbihar.com/ Shalu Sharma

    Things are getting very confusing nowadays in the SEO world. What to do and what not to do? Shall we wait till things are much clearer?

  • andrewlea

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  • http://www.mustakbil.com/ Ahmed Ali

    After a month, many are hurt due to this change. Though Google claims it wont effect many and will get fixed in future. Still to be seen.