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    Hi Greg
    I am compelled to comment on some ambiguity in this article that is damaging to the industry in which you and I work.

    There is a lot of unhealthy paranoia out there regarding visitor privacy.
    Knowing what visitors do in the aggregate and without any personally identifiable information is innocuous and helpful. Web-site owners can use that data to improve their sites and visitors will have improved websites to visit.

    The opening sentence ” .. based in part on search query logs from Google … ” misleads readers to believe that Google had all the data necessary to tie the search query to Justin.

    Does that quote refer to “A physical search of Justin’s computer revealed” or was that done after Google had provided data from their own servers.

    It requires far more thought than most readers have time for to realize that one cannot go to Google until the search terms are extracted by physical search.

    The result is that readers walk away unnecessarily heightened paranoia.

    Google, in particular, is upfront and honest about its use of data. (See http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacy_faq.html)

    Brian Katz – VKI Studios