• http://jameshalloran.net/ James R. Halloran

    Hmm… very interesting. When the head of Spam doesn’t know what’s wrong, then something must be really wrong. Probably a duplicate content penalty?

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    My guess is a suboptimal algorithm tweak.

  • Christina

    My guess is they tweaked the algo in relation to all the pirated movie sites.

  • http://neotrope.com/ Christopher Laird Simmons

    We’re a 15 year old newswire service, 100% white hat page setup, all original content, and our daily reads after first day have dropped similarly as of about the 13th. We have a lot of entertainment industry clients, tech firms, banks/mortgage tech, etc. Very weird. Daily views of 5 day old news items went from 500+ per day to 100-150 per day; most notable in mornings where it used to be 150+ by 9am, now 40 by 9am (!). Crazy. Certainly our content is syndicated, but we have very clear original source and syndication source tags, all links are nofollow except one link to client home page per most recent Google “okay to do” … of course, Google has had some sortation hiccups since about the 14th also. A news item from 18th in Google News says it was from the 16th (!). Some funky funky stuff the past 2 weeks.

    Update: I just actually looked more closely at the graph, and the “date” the decline started, and I think our news portal got caught in the same issue. Right around the Thurs/Friday time frame on the 13th the “weirdness” started to kick in. I think the “flaw” may be impacting sites which have a certain kind of diversity of content.

  • http://www.8womendream.com/ Catherine

    This is what I have been barking about for a year: that Google search is worse for the updates. One of my jobs was to watch trends on the Internet and so I spent a TON of time in Google search and Google news. The decline in good content results started in Google news first in early 2013 and by the end of 2013 it was the same in Google search. I began using Bing and other search engines to get better results. I’ve had phrases not return any results when search should.

    Google search reminds me of when it started and you would have to try all different kinds of keywords to come up with something close to what you were looking for. Many times now I ask in Facebook or search Pinterest. I have also heard from larger brands that their sales have dropped with the changes as well and they buy ads. Google is just not working as well as it once did and I am still seeing spam results in top positions for all their updating to remove spam.

  • http://www.tolkienlibrary.com TolkienLibrary

    When the rest of us ask the same… I guess no one is listening. They always prefer to go for the big fishes. Sod.

  • http://www.tolkienlibrary.com TolkienLibrary

    Yes but when we, the smaller fish, scream the same they don’t listen. In my niche the search results now have lost all quality. This is actually a joke!

  • http://www.tolkienlibrary.com TolkienLibrary

    I believe they were targetting some Polish and German (and earlier French) link farms… guess somehow the movie blogs got caught in the fire. But then again I feel that since the end of last year (hummingbird, followed by a (half completed) pagerank update), screwed up a lot and since then I felt that no quality turned up.

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Google has definitely lowered the bar on search results quality since Hummingbird snuck out of the cage a month before they told us about it.

    I can’t wait to see what new depths the SERPs will sink to, but sink I am sure they will. I have gotten in more practice adding extra terms to my personal queries in the past few months than in the previous year.

  • http://www.tolkienlibrary.com TolkienLibrary

    I’m still guessing if they lowered the bar or just started favoring some specific sites. So far there seems no logic to the chaos caused. I had some success however by digging deep in G Webmaster tools and G speed services… following their own advise seems to help out (a little).

  • Guest

    Don’t feel bad for Slashfilm and the likes of Firstshowing, considering that for years they built their traffic by stealing content from other movie news sites and never properly giving credit.

  • Keyser Soze

    Don’t feel too bad for the likes of Slashfilm and Firstshowing, considering
    that for years they built their traffic by stealing content from other
    movie news sites and never properly giving credit.