• http://www.kyleeggleston.com/ Kyle Eggleston

    The new UI is slower across the board.

  • http://www.949local.com/ Jim Froling

    Thanks Greg for the update on the “new” Maps UI.

    I have avoided “upgrading” to the new Maps UI. Partly due to the hassle of drilling down as you mentioned. Also, the speed (or lack of) as @kyleeggleston:disqus notes below.

    Mostly, however, the results in the old UI correlated closely to pack search results. With the old UI, we can tell how far from page 1 our client is (more or less) and what progress we’re making compared to previous period. With the new UI, there is no such insight.

  • http://www.mobilemartin.com/ Michael Martin


    Are you down here in San Diego? :)

  • Paresh

    The bigger Google gets the more it becomes slow and dare I say EVIL. Does any of the top execs there realize how badly they are perceived? Bring back Eric S.

    Does it remind you of MS? Before than IBM. History keeps repeating…

    They have made it too difficult to search near by. I was in Houston few days ago and I couldn’t figure out how to search for restaurants near friends house.

    I had difficulty searching for hotels (via near by) as well on laptop at home. But, for some reason, I didn’t have problem using nearby feature from Nexus 7 tablet while I was waiting for flight at LAX.

    What happened to the feature to e-mail (or print) you directions? I guess Google assumes you have Android or iPhone. They also got rid of or hidden text the directions to the phone.

    I switched to old map and still could not find the features. I selected text version of the directions, did copy and paste to Gmail (to myself) and format was unusable. So much for text version. I had to copy to Notepad and then copy that to Gmail.

    Danny should expose the flaws in Google maps thoroughly. And e-mail the aricel to his contacts at Google.

    They made great improvements in speed but took away so much. I am very tempted to go back to Mapquest (which I have not used in years) or give Bing maps a try.

    Don’t get me started on Gmail app for Android.

  • http://internetmarketingideaz.blogspot.com/ Bhaskar Das

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  • Michael Cottam

    Great writeup, Greg…and I 100% agree with your conclusions. I’ll add: I think Google is going in the wrong direction by providing a top-3 results by default, vs. a page of 10 to choose from. I’d say even the 7-pack integrated into the organics is too few, especially given the shortage of G+ reviews on the average listing.