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    I had the same experience. I think it may be a broader problem, as we tried to verify several businesses by phone this morning, and got a message saying Google could not connect based on a bad number when in fact the call went through the code was delivered, but was not accepted when we tried to verify it in the local business center account.

    Also, several clients Local Center accounts are showing “no Data” when we click view
    report. Hmmm .

    Several other off Local problems lately…. anyone else seeing these type issues?

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    We got the same emails. Business Center information for local businesses we’ve never heard of. We got one bogus update for each account.

    Later today we received the same apology email with Business Center information for some of the companies we did register. Not sure why they don’t send that information for all the companies in the account.

    All of our accounts are showing data in the Local Center Dashboard.

  • http://www.jessekanclerz.com/blog jessekanclerz

    I also received the bad number error when attempting to verify a client account today. I thought it was problem with the number but after reading My One Call’s comment I’m starting to think otherwise.

  • melihoztalay


    This is a good reason why the local business and the small business cannot rely on one local business listing website. There are many other local listing websites out there and consumers are posting reviews at multiple locations.

    Google has it’s own local business listings and allows consumers to post reviews. So does, Yahoo, Bing, City Search/Ask, Yellow Pages, Yellowbook, Local.com and the list goes on. Although, all of these local listing type websites will be seeking out the consumer to visit their website and post a review about a local or small business, I think the local and small business will become overwhelmed trying to monitor all of these websites.

    As you can imagine a solution already exists for the local and small business. At KillerStartUps a company was recently reviewed providing Local Business Listing Management servers for local and small businesses. You can read up on KillerStartUps perspective of this at:


    Although, this will be a time consuming effort for the local and small business to manage their local business listing at multiple websites, this is the first time that the Internet is actually helping the local and small business. Hopefully, this business group can be early adopters for a change and embrace the technology so they can benefit sooner rather than later.

    Great discussion here. Thanks.