• http://www.magneticwebcontent.com/ Lyndon Antcliff

    Complicated indeed, living in Cornwall I learn that some Cornish do not think themselves as English because a certain document was not signed in the 13th Century. And then of course there is Isle of Man, Jersey etc.

    A good read on this is The English, by Jeremy Paxman

  • Jac o’ the North

    On one of the maps (Apple?) Bootle and Crosby are further north than Blackpool.

  • The Gnome

    Gotta love how many people give Apple maps a bum rap, but Google has been struggling with this for years. Hypocritical at best.

  • Duncan Booth

    So from the screenshot given I guess Scotland is a smallish green area in the middle of where I thought it was and England is somewhere between Nottingham and Leicester.

    I prefer Google’s solution: search for Scotland and it zooms to show it and puts a pink border round it; search for Wales and it highlights that area.

  • Tim Cooley

    Jura is BACK!

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