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    HAHA take that Apple :P

  • http://www.stanleyoppenheimer.com searchengineman

    Dear Apple:
    cc: Google, Twitter, Facebook.

    RE: Google Maps and the Walled Garden

    Apple how much further does your stock have to tank, until you get the message? Google Maps is just another skirmish in the war of walls.

    While Apple was shafting Google Maps on iOS6–locking them out,
    Google struck back and created a superior version of the product (Maps),
    Apple not only humiliated themselves with an inferior Map product. But enabled Google to come out ahead. (The world is upside down.)

    Apple stop this $#!!$$#@ war with Google. Job’s is dead he made it clear that he was at war with Google, So what’s your excuse Tim?

    Google & Facebook, Twitter don’t get off the hook either.
    Each of these giants has created its own version of the walled garden and we the SEO’s/Web Developers/Users have to leap over those walls to service our clients, with patches and band aids, 3rd party software solutions to get the information we need to do our work! (Until they’re smashed down..again..&..again)

    Current SEO Walls:

    “not provided”,
    iOS6 keyword referral data (None),
    API lockout Raven, SEO Moz (SERP Checking bad?)
    (Please feel free to Add to the list)

    I surf the web and find that now I have to log into every site I visit. Just to do the normal day to day stuff. What I find ironic is the Interwebs gets into a huff when SOPA and the United Nations want to impose regulations/restrictions on the internet. While those very same companies are already blocking/locking up information like 3rd world countries! Who do they answer to?

    The once open internet gets further walled while these giants battle it out.

    Why doesn’t everybody make nice, send the lawyers into a soup kitchen for a day or other charitable endeavor. Instead of working on yet another lawsuit or clever method of shafting the competition.

    Maybe Google can put up a new doodle up for that!
    (Plunger being removed from stuck toilet?..slurp sound)

    PS: While the Lawyers are in the kitchen poisoning the stew, Maybe you giants can actually make nice with one another and talk to one another again. So the web can be a productive place again.


  • Alok Pandey

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