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    a href=”http://www.inrix.com”>Inrix is one of several providers of real time traffic providers/aggregators and they also traffic predictions.

    Inrix technology is used with many GPS devices that offer real time traffic like Telenav, TomTom, and others. Inrix comes from Microsoft Research.

    “Inrix is the exclusive beneficiary of years of research and millions of dollars of development by Microsoft Research into the statistical inference of traffic patterns, predictive analysis and mobile-based visualizations of real time systems. Inrix has built upon Microsoft’s patented, proprietary technologies to enable the delivery of next generation traffic information services.”

    The have a bit more about their traffic prediction technology http://www.inrix.com/pdf/Inrix%20Dynamic%20Predictive%20Traffic%20Service%20-%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf.

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    Forgot to mention that you can get an idea of Inrix “predictive” technology in action via BeatTheTraffic.com.

    Estimates for the for the SF Bay Area from BeatTheTraffic.com

    Estimates for NYC metro from BeattheTraffic.com

    Estimates for Orange County, CA from BeattheTraffic.com

    Other companies in this space are LandSonar and TrafficCast.
    You can try a demo of their technology (via RouteCast, a LandSonar user) here on the WRAL web site in Raleigh-Durham, NC. I would bet it’s there, somewhere, but I was unable to find any predictive info.

    What I think is most useful here (it’s also available on SkylineGlobe. is the embedding of live traffic cams in the map.

    Finally, TrafficCast is also working in China and developing the “world largest” network of celluar probes in Shanghai.