• http://www.linkedin.com/in/marykaylofurno Mary Kay Lofurno


    As always, excellent article, very thorough. I still don’t see what real value this offers me the consumer over say Google Alerts. I have used Google Alerts for years to monitor any search results around my name.

    I agree, we will have to see where they take this and what they add to it to make it worth my time. At this point, I don’t see it and I have profiles in linkedin and facebook that have to be kept up and the engines find those anyway.

    My two cents. Mary Kay Lofurno

  • http://www.national.co.uk Azzam Sheikh

    I am a big fan of Google and love their attempt to be innovative, but I have to agree with Mary that there is plenty to do already in maintaining social networking sites and Google can not add to this anymore as ‘a-yet-another-social-networking-site’, it is just too late for it.

    But saying that I do like to see what Google may have to offer in the long term and I do actually like the +1 tab which displays what you have essentially bookmarked. If anything it will bring me back to see what I have ‘bookmarked’ with the +1 button.

  • http://paulgailey.com Paul Gailey

    great – yet another Google service that Google Apps users still cannot use.

  • http://peltiertech.com/WordPress/ Jon Peltier

    Here is a scary thing:

    When a Google Profile member links ot an article on the web (“likes” it, whatever it’s called), the entire article is loaded into their profile, and the page it occupies makes it look very much like the profile member has scraped the contents of the article and reposted it as their own. The profile member has done nothing of the sort, and doesn’t know it even looks like this.

    On the one hand, Google is telling us to eliminate duplicate content, on the other it produces duplicate content unbeknownst to the source and the profile member on whose profile it is duplicated.