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    I sent this to a client and did what the article said with 2 accounts. One account it worked fine. The other one asked him to re verify his account and then he lost his number one position on the 7 pack. He was nowhere to be found.

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    Google’s product management needs to get in the same room and work on there local ad strategy. Yet ANOTHER way to pay for a listing using a self-service platform that small businesses continue to ignore.

    Get your listing on Google in 31 easy steps.

    1. Follow steps 1 thru 7 to set up your LBL in the LBC. (Free)

    2. Follow steps 8 though 19 to set up an AdWords account with LBA (now called Local Ad Extensions) to link to your listing. (PPC)

    3. Follow steps 20 thru 23 to set up an LLA to appear between the map listings and the algo results (Variable Fixed Fee)

    4. Follow rules 24 – 31 to set up an Enhanced LBA (Fixed fee)

    Obviously I’m not a big fan of Google’s new ad formats. I mentioned my dislike of the LLA in my formerly over-dramatic post: http://wickcentric.com/2009/12/11/why-the-google-local-listing-ad-must-change-or-die/