• http://www.ppcdiscussions.com jeremy mayes

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to post a small correction here:

    “Update/Correction: Our ad is actually running in 27 newspapers, not 78. The ad is running 78 times but in most cases is running the same newspaper on a number of consecutive dates.”

    I’ll see about getting a pdf of the ad up a little later today.

  • http://www.seroundtable.com rustybrick

    Thanks Jeremy, I fixed the entry. Also, please let us know when the PDF is live and if spot the ads in any paper, thank you!

  • http://www.ppcdiscussions.com jeremy mayes


    I’m going to hold off on posting the ad until after the first of the year. It has a unique tracking url and if I publish that it will skew the stats and I won’t be able to get a clear picture of how the ad really performed.