• http://www.rainydayseo.com James Slattery

    Awesome story Barry — thanks for the heads up (running to my wordpress installs >>>>

  • http://ryanthejenks.tumblr.com Ryan Jenkins

    What happens when you get this notification for sites that never used WordPress?!

  • http://www.adwordsanswers.com David Rothwell

    I also received emails from webmaster tools to my gmail account advising me of this – even though my wp site is up to date at v3.1.3

  • http://bit.ly/gfD5cC Cherry Rahtu

    That’s a great thing, thanks google :)

  • http://www.tomsyweb.com Ismael Toé

    What about Joomla and other popular CMS?

  • http://drumtrip.co.uk R Law

    I do wonder if this has any affect on the SERPs. I am inclined to believe it does, as generally if Google ask you to do anything regarding Webmaster tools, it is generally plays a part in ranking.

    I would not be surprised if WordPress version was a (very) small part of the ranking algorithm in a similar way the speed of your website is. WordPress versions especially affect vulnerabilities and performance (speed) so as far as I cam concerned, keeping up to date with WordPress has been added to my every expanding list of SEO duties.