• http://www.niallkennedy.com/ Niall Kennedy

    Thanks for the mention. Some clarifications on the outstanding questions above.

    There are three basic types of Google Gadgets: Desktop, Universal, and Universal Syndicated. Some gadget content cannot be syndicated to Google Pages or any site accepting JavaScript across the web due to various issues such as stepping out of an iframe or using non-supported libraries inside your gadget.

    Gadget authors can submit a gadget for inclusion and agree to the Google ToS through the Google Gadget submission page. You’ll want to first install the Developer Gadget and check your output outside of a cached environment. You can always make your own Add to Google button without waiting for directory inclusion.

    I believe the numbers reported by Google Feedfetcher represent all “Fusion” subscribers, meaning both Reader and iGoogle.

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    I agree, Niall — Feedfetcher should be the combination of Google Reader and iGoogle subscribers. And I suspect that if you subtract the iGoogle “user” figure for a feed from the Feedfetcher reported number, then you are left with just Google Reader subscriber figures. That would be a nice breakdown, but I’m trying to get official confirmation of it.