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    Another day another google change, getting hard to keep up with it all. still, keeping us on our toes !

  • Kevin Zeidler

    Benefiting from the update: local businesses, hotels, restaurants, any brick-and-mortar entity with PPC competition from affiliates.

    Negatively affected: affiliate sites (Expedia, Booking.com, OpenTables, no doubt others too in verticals I’m less familiar with.)

    Not impacted (?): eCommerce sites, lead-gen, insurance, and financial verticals.

    Motive with this update seems to be about giving local businesses an added incentive to get in the AdWords game, while also leveling the playing field for them a bit vs. affiliate sites with vastly larger PPC budgets. And an extra perk to those local businesses already bidding on branded KWs for which they’re already a top organic contender, by allowing them (with a bit of Anchor/Alt text optimization) a greater degree of control over how they market themselves.

    Affiliate sites aren’t entirely in the loss, as consumers continue to refer to them later in the purchasing funnel as a matter of habit.

    PPC spending in the hospitality sector is, however, starting to run up against the commission fees paid out to affiliates. Considering Google’s debut of Hotel Finder, I’d be surprised if making it harder for affiliates to sap customers early in the purchasing funnel (and thus prolong consumers’ research phase to the extent it’s possible) weren’t among their primary motivations for the update.


  • Alexander Edlund

    This has been live for a while now. We started noticing it for our accounts a little more than a month ago and it only seem to apply to keywords with a quality score higher than seven. It’s going to significantly improve advertisers click share while organic listings will see a drop in traffic.

    ASL’s provide great value for the advertiser. Especially if you can achieve a high QS on head terms, then the ASL’s start to really prove their value in guiding the user to the right landing page.

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk Nathaniel Bailey

    This has been around for at least a month now! Im sure we have already had articles on here about it too, but nvm, I guess not everyone notices these changes as quick as others :p

    If you aint already noticed, google have also changed the way you manage the links which show up in the sitelinks in webmaster tools, so go take a look around and get to work on optimising it now as its a longer process IMO.