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    It’s a testament both to the esteem in which you are held, and to the ethics of professional, recognized, SEO bloggers. SMX was a huge hit, it was a good size, it was easy to network and meet people, it was genuinely friendly and open, and the general bonhomie evident in all the sessions flowed over into the evening networking events. I would be more surprised if the legitimate respected blogger DID blog within the requested black-out month.

  • Philipp Lenssen

    Why did Jeremy leave? He didn’t receive that invitation with that clause, and going off-the-record should be a consentual two-party agreement, and nothing that can just be announced to a group, right?

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    He’s Cerf. Certs are those little breath mints.

  • http://www.alchemistmedia.com Jonah Stein

    Give It Up and Off The Record:

    While I haven’t heard anyone actually blog about it, one of the tricks Stephen Spencer gave up, how to get an accurate result from the Link: command, appears to have been “fixed” by Google since the conference.

    I don’t think that’s in the spirit of the embargo…although they could have been working on it already. Of course, it’s especially annoying since this is a perfectly legitimate white hat way to learn about Google’s ability to spider your site.

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    I + for a agree with : “In a nod to the transparent society, Eric told me that he has to assume that he is always on the record, and false rumors are less likely to form if all of the original source material is online.”