• http://www.linkedin.com/in/marykaylofurno Mary Kay Lofurno

    So most organizations are now being forced to look at their technology back bone and figure out if they can deliver content this way…if you have any money, invest it in CMS systems…because even a small company will need the flexibility of being able to deliver content to all types of devices and platforms..

    My two cents..

  • http://www.simplyclicks.com David Burdon

    I’m not sure that its right that a monopoly provider should be urging people to up their bids! The timing couldn’t be worse given Eric Schmidt’s appearance in front of a US senate committee.

  • http://RippleFxInc.com Gabriel

    Greg, thank you for your post and this update.

    Whereas I interpret your proverbial ‘carrot and stick’ example as such:

    The Carrot) being the predicted 11.5% improvement in mobile responsiveness _and_ their eagerness to help advertisers such as providing ‘free Google web tools’ and webinars with respect to results of their case studies (read the blog link in the article above.) Kudoz to Google for their helpfulness ;)

    The Stick) being that your site is not as ‘prominently placed’ akin to having a Big marker on Google Maps for fulling filling a Place profile with data and having lots of relevant reviews vs. a Small red dot for lacking useful and complete information. That and/or your loss of potential sales and user-bounce for non-mobile-optimization. {{ It seems to me that G. may recognize whether a landing page is mobile compatible and thus serve with preference. Just my theory but if not true would be a great diligence step on their back-end (prior to serving an ad on a mobile device.) }}

    With the market data pointing to improved sales for mobile device compatibility, it is nothing but a bonus to have Google’s advice. This [recommendation of increases] should no where be interpreted as derogatory but instead a hallmark for improvement as it is obvious we should be developing next-gen content to meet the next-gen hardware and its users. The more users we make happy, the better we do.

    Gabriel Dibble

  • http://www.makeasizzlingwebsite.com MarkD

    Whatever help Google offers to webmasters should be appreciated and always be taken seriously. They are the lifeblood of any website that relies on search engines to prosper.
    Right now mobile looks like the future and if you want to keep up and keep your customers happy and satisfied you better get on board.