• http://twitter.com/sharithurow sharithurow

    Hi all-

    I hate to be the bearer of “bad” news, but responsive design (aka the “one-size-fits-all” solution) really isn’t a good recommendation.

    I found dynamic serving to be a much better solution in terms of task completion and conversions. There isn’t much difference between a desktop/notebook computer and tablets. You just have to adjust your style sheets for a finger, not a cursor. And remember that finger sizes vary. So your target audience’s age and gender are important to know.

    Google is constantly giving guidelines and recommendations that favor technology-centered design, not user-centered design. So you have to know when to take Google’s (and Bing’s) advice with the proverbial grain of salt.

  • http://twitter.com/bjankord Brett Jankord

    @twitter-12971792:disqus – Google seem’s to know a thing or two about how the web works and what’s good for it, so when they recommend something, you can be pretty sure they have a good reason for it.

    Dynamic serving is not a maintainable solution, with each new device that comes out, you have to make sure your device detection solution accurately accounts for it. Dynamic serving is a very fragile technique and is one I think people should move away from.

    As more and more web capable devices become available, users will look for content parity across their devices.