• http://www.wolf-howl.com graywolf

    PC here and I can confirm it opens word docs.

    Did I mention how much I loathe typekey this week.

  • http://fxwords.com/g/gross-domestic-product.html Mynameiscurtis

    PC here:

    With spreadsheet the .xls does not appear to be able to display even simple charts

    With docs, google has a tendency to to turn any text withing a frame into an uneditable image. Appears to just be generally buggy.

    Still needs work, but this adds to google’s lead with free email, and helpful stuff non-the-less

  • http://www.topranksearch.com David

    …..and it is WAY cool – I was collaborating with a client through her new GMail account and Docs/Spreadsheets within minutes.

    I was working on my mac and she was on a pc – seamless.

    Now why would I want to buy Office 2007 when Google is here???

  • http://www.morgretdesigns.com morgret

    I’m wondering when Google Analytics will follow suit, and stop showing the excel icon (and mouseover text) for their CSV download.