• Joel Solomon

    Any indication what Google factors in to place listings on the left? I don’t see any relationship between number of reviews or scoring.

  • Colin Guidi

    I’m sure that the same organic local ranking factors apply, just as they did before. Looks like Google has just changed the layout from embedded vertical results, to now horizontal results above the organic listings.

    Google definitely needs to continue cleaning up this space though, I’m seeing a TON of duplicate listings from Yelp on local searches now that they’ve pulled all the listings up to the top horizontal nav.

  • http://www.screenpilot.com/ Tom Dibble

    We delved into this more for hotels here http://spw3.co/129cH98

  • Alicia Celeste

    These results have been showing up for local colleges for at least 6 months now. Search for ‘colleges in _______’ and the graph bar is front and center.

    What I find really interesting is that if you select one of the colleges from the graph, it will refresh SERPs with links about that college. Colleges have TM protection. This means no paid ads on the refreshed SERP. Which means no revenue for Google.

    I’m curious to know how long *that* will last.

  • fritz hortelano

    It’s only for US users. I tried using google AU and PH the carousel not showing.

  • Shad

    Are these part of Adwords or organic search?

  • Stephen Floyd

    I wonder how long before this replaces the 7 pack results? I have to admit that I prefer the SERP with more images/videos/etc on them….

  • http://seo-sem-delhi.blogspot.in/ Kishor Jha

    When it starts

  • http://www.spinxdigital.com/ Stephen Moyers

    I also wonder that on which basis Google is displaying image from left to right. It’s really good feature and definitely it will improve the CTR for local search. Though there are few correction needed in Google knowledge graph in order to make it more effective and I am sure it will be done gradually.


  • http://www.screenpilot.com/ Tom Dibble

    “I also wonder that on which basis Google is displaying image from left to right”

    For the minute is replicates the order of the prior local pack rendering for the most part. Varies within search category, but for local businesses, this seems to be the case.

  • http://www.HeyGoToMarketing.com/ David Moceri

    I think it looks horrible but to be honest I know this wont last. This will be the Zagat reviews all over again; Failure. Just give it time to flop and don’t over analyze it too much. It looks horrible as well!

  • Adam

    The carousel does not seem to generate for all terms. I am still seeing packs for local service phrases like ‘Bankruptcy Attorney’ and ‘psychologist’ in my local market.

  • http://www.ehlinelaw.com/ Michael Ehline, Esq.

    Getting harder and harder to rank unless PPC