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    Thanks for the info Barry. Mobile is exploding. I think a big question a lot of retailers have is “Should I invest in a mobile site?”

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    Helpful article. Would you recommend a whole mobile site overhaul, developing an app, or both?

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    You are absolutely right as the best way to render mobile content is under the same URL but using user agent detection to render a mobile CSS with a mobile DocType declaration…similar to how the WP-Touch plugin renders mobile content for WordPress sites.

    John Mueller at Google affirmed that with me last year similar to what Pierre wrote – google.com/support/forum/p/Webmasters/thread?fid=4d57f08078a137a7000492aee1a7a5ff&hl=en

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    Extima, depends on your content.

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    RE: Google said they “expect smartphones to handle desktop experience content so there is no real need for mobile-specific effort from webmasters.

    Really… How about some performance metrics. Click on the link below. This is British Airways desktop web site on Android. Check out the number of requests, the time to download and the size of the web site. Also pay close attention to the doubleclick ad timings.

    link to mobile performance report: http://www.5o9mm.com/har/viewer/v.pl?path=accounts/5o9/android-02-21-2011-10-24-08-GMT-www-britishairways-com-travel-home-public-en_gb.har