• http://www.whatcomweb.com whatcomweb

    That is pretty interesting. Any examples of a penalized or banned URL anyone would care to share?

  • Andrey

    I found example with zero PR http://hyves.6millionsmiles.com
    I’m not sure this is banned domain or not. It is simply a personal blog. When I search some keywords from this web site, it’s shows in Google results.

    By the way, the captha is horrible on seachengineland! I cant read it. and i need to download plugin to hear those words….I posted it 3 times before it accepted.

  • debi_zyx

    It may have worked yesterday, but it ain’t working now. Comments on Sphinn also agree that it’s stopped, and you get PR0 for all sites (I got that for hyves.google.com!). My firefox just tells me that it can’t find hyves.domain.com domains …

  • mattinertia

    Doesnt work for me…

  • http://www.nimaheydarian.com Nima

    It works on some of my sites and doesn’t on others. However it seems to work on most them.

    An example that doesnt work: http://www.nyquistplot.com/.

    As far as I know the site ranks well and I havent done anything to cause it to be banned but hyves.nyquistplot.com shows a pagerank of zero. This is a newer site (2 months old). I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it.

  • http://edgargranados.es Edgar Granados

    with dominions with 3 characters or less. more info in my blog: http://edgargranados.es/hyves-como-saber-si-estas-penalizado-por-google-pagerank/21/

  • http://www.planetc1.com/ chiropractic

    I thought this was something someone created as a joke. Every domain I checked (including google.com and yahoo.com) came back with a PR0.

  • patshaughnessy

    Looks like bunk to me:
    Try inurl:hyves
    returns lots of examples, most are not PR 7