• http://www.whitefireseo.com Mitch Monsen

    No lie, I posted a comment on Google+ not 10 minutes ago asking for this very feature.

    Well played, Google. Well played.

  • http://www.coldfusioning.com/ ibjhb

    It would be nice to have Google+ and +1 on Google Apps accounts….

  • http://www.webmediaexpert.com Michelle Hummel

    WOW…..Facebook who?

  • http://www.gamerstube.com Joe Youngblood

    myspace and facebook learned the hardway ‘actively discouraging’ doesnt work. if you dont supply the means to create a business page, then you will set yourself back when you attempt to introduce that feature. even worse facebook has several pages for brands. A) the page the brand owner/manager creates, B) the employer page created from the work history field, C) the check-in page, and god knows how many more.

  • http://randyduermyer.com/blog/ Randy Duermyer

    Sounds like another case of “follow-the-leader.” Where’s the innovation?

  • http://www.gamerstube.com Joe Youngblood

    its google, they stopped innovating (in web dev) about 8 years ago.

    btw, has anyone noticed the garbage google is shoving into the internet for local? hotpot, places, now Google+ businesses? why not just integrate and cut down on all the junk that other SE’s have to index and filter?

  • http://www.theanimalhouse.net Dan Martin ✔

    Not really sure why any small business would be reluctant to jump on the google business + . Then again I am not really sure why small businesses are still to this day reluctant to jump online at all…

  • http://www.facebook.com/danitalicious Danita Maldonado

    I asked this question yesterday as soon as I saw the Mashable page. I’m glad they are waiting and working on making it right. I have had many issues dealing with multiple ‘official’ pages, places pages, business pages, etc. on Facebook. Plus, consider the playing field leveled as this platform is so new. Businesses could literally be on Google+ for Biz from practically inception. That’s something that’s making me giddy. Esp if Google comes through with all the search/SEO that will obviously be included. Can’t wait!

  • http://www.marketingsutra.com/ alex grechanowski

    That’s interesting. Hopefully, something will be added to GA too, for the tracking purposes.

    Can’t wait to see: we’re hiring a proactive Google+ expert with at least 3 yr experience to join our team ;-)

  • http://vabulous.com/ S.V.M.

    Awesome post, just applied to a google + business profile we’ll see what happens.

  • http://nithin.net edude

    I really hope that they figure out a way to verify the businesses/identities.

  • http://www.philipbroadhead.org Philip Broadhead

    Personally I think that Google+ is just bringing the better features of the other social media packages all under one site that is easy to access. As it is new it will probably take a while to get everything in sync with each other.

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