• Chris

    Surviving Panda 3.2 – Repeat after me…I will target the right keyword and provide superb content…I will target the right keyword and provide superb content….I will target the right keyword and provide superb content.

  • http://www.derekjones.co Derek Jones

    I noticed a significant increase in traffic to my blog since last week. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the Panda update though.

  • http://galearning.com/ Robert Kennedy

    @DerekJones, exactly the same with me. The blog was constantly being scraped and lacked authority. Finally it is seeing a great increase in visits. The content is (and always has been) 100% unique. No secret sauce…just write!

  • http://www.pixelrage.net P.R.

    Google continues its tirade against affiliate marketers and gives yet even more favoritism to big brands & Fortune 500’s.

  • http://greatdanetraining.net/ Debbie Webb

    I will target the right keyword and provide superb content. Google does not have a vendetta against webmasters so much as a responsibility to serve up the best possible results to any query.
    We should worry less how Google ranks us and care more about how satisfied our target market is.

  • ILF

    @BarrySchwartz: Thanks Barry. I’m assuming the Jan 18, 2012 date is for US SERPs? If so, do you know if international results were updated as well? Or what the typical lag is for panda refreshes and updates to propagate to Canada, UK, etc.?

  • Devon Butler

    “We should worry less how Google ranks us and care more about how satisfied our target market is.”

    An idyllic stance and one you should keep, if you can. Unfortunately, many of us are bound by more earthly metrics.

  • http://www.smx.ph alfredopalconit

    It happend the same time this was released

    Page layout algorithm improvement

    could this be the reason why?

  • http://www.seroundtable.com/ Barry Schwartz

    Alfred, Panda and the Page Layout Algo are not related according to Google’s John Mueller.

    ILF, I think the rollout would be both US and international but I do not know for sure.

  • http://yieldcalculator.org Alan

    My guess is it actually happened about the 14th as lots of people started crying on the forums about then.

  • B.T.

    On the 6th Jan 2012 my sites lost some very powerfull #1 rankings after holding them for years ie ‘business for sale’, ‘businesses for sale’, etc. (in Australia). I dropped to #8 and #4. My guess is the update actually happend around then.

  • http://www.atul-sharma.net Atul Sharma

    Thank for providing the update, but as there has not so much updated, i will have to wait for the next update.

  • pratyush Kumar

    On of my client’s Canada based news website has seen a great improvement in traffic.. Always wear “White Hat”!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.bluecorona.com benlanders

    No change for any of the sites we work with (and track). Guess that’s a good thing (we weren’t hit by any of the previous updates either!).

  • mike2000

    Hi Barry,

    did the Google Page Layout and Panda Update happen on the same time? Our site was hit by 30%. We had 3 Ads above the fold (which we removed) and our site has pages with thin content, because it is a reference dictionary.

    It is important to us to differentiate the two and know which one caused the downgrade. Any suggestions?
    Thanks Mike.

  • mo

    “We should worry less how Google ranks us and care more about how satisfied our target market is.”

    Some people tend to forget, or not realize how important Google and search engines in general can be in shaping and forming the target market and goals of other companies and individuals.

    Our dentist local listing site got affected by the first Panda Algorithm change,and am sure it will be with this coming change.

  • http://www.flightticketbooking.in Andrew Strauss

    Friends. My all website are affected, i don’t know the exact reason because its not possible for all sites. my client website is also penalized from this update. no ads, good sites, product and user friendly site with good content. but don’t know what is the reason to penalized. “site- harshulayurpharma.com – its a Ayurveda treatment site.

    Please tell me know my all sites are ranking on #5,6,7 pages of Google. so should i think its a kind of penalty and will i get rid of from this penalty if “yes” then how? Please help

  • http://www.tweakservers.com T.S.

    We see some drops of the traffic and also from GA that it has not picked up any searches since 28 Jan 2012…

  • mike2000

    If our site was hit and started to decline at the end of the day on Jan 19 (5% lower), then on Jan 20 traffic declined by 30%… Were we hit by Page Layout Algorithm or Panda 3.2?


  • http://www.marketwarp.com Drew Hammond

    @Andrew Strauss – Could it possibly be that your site is dedicated to an herbal product that claims to cure HIV/AIDS?

  • http://www.flightticketbooking.in Andrew Strauss

    @Drew Hammond this is the any reason to penalize :) my other client’s website got penalized?

    Now what? I just want to know that how can i get back to these penalized sites? if someone have idea please share it.

  • Chas

    All Hail Caesar.

  • sunil shakya

    @Andrew Strauss – same condition here, how can we gain our lost ranking Andrew tel me, while I’m doing only white hat, and have a good content, tel me what is the drawback of http://www.t9l.com

  • http://thebloggernet.com/ rabbi@thebloggernet

     some of my site got hit by the update…what should do to fix it

  • http://www.facebook.com/bharadwaj.bangalore Bharadwaj Bangalore

    Many of my clients website have gone down since Oct, 2011.  I’m not sure if it has anything to do with 
    Maturity  of Panda.  

    Man! my clients are after me about their website ranking. Now we need to take this Big Fat & Intelligent Panda seriously

  • http://www.manwithvanhire.co.uk Man And Van

    Soem of my sites are effected. One of them is driver with van dot com , which is worstly effected…it was ranking on google search at page 1 but now it is no where to be found with the keyword London Removals :( 

  • Monir hossian

    any of my site wasn’t benefited by this