• Urraca

    This not only affects webmasters from Italy and Spain, but also from all Latin America where spanish is also spoken.

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    And it could affect non-Italian, non-Spanish sites that thought it would be clever to mask link spam in other languages. Natural links DO come from many languages, but natural links usually look different from many popular forms of link spam.

  • http://www.wallacewebconsulting.com/ Christopher R Wallace

    Irregardless of the location of where these sites happen to be, it is a clear message that they are/have been cracking down on paid links…

  • http://parkeastgroupinc.com/ Matthew Beck

    I would like to know more about the actual violation. The article is so brief.

  • Submit Edge

    What kind of links Google track i mean link contextual blog posts also consider like that ?

  • http://oirms.com OIRMS


  • http://oirms.com OIRMS

    I just don’t see why people continue to use link networks, okay I do understand but I could never justify the risk-to-reward ratio. Put that money into actually producing quality content, get natural links and sleep well at night.

  • Robin Armit

    Javier Perez has written his post in abbreviated Spanish text speak, hence why neither Google nor Babelfish could come with a decent translation. As far as internet translations go, I prefer to use linguee.com

  • Camillomiller

    Well, if that actually worked in Italian I would agree. Relevant Serps are FULL of results that payed in some way to be there. I’m not saying they paid Google directly, just that they paid someone (advertising, SEO optimization firms, healthy link-building through acquiring websites and so on).
    They’re also full of scrapers that still do not get penalized.

    Let me tell you: Italian webmasters are upset, a lot, because despite the claim about quality, there’s no actual quality (by human users standards) in serps. Serps with low competition and long-tail oriented serps are the worst, while bigger serps are chock full of “paid for” content, as I explained above.

    We’re all very eager to see what’s gonna happen next. We all look forward to good changes, but for now we’re very frustrated.

    On our sites we never had link schemes. That didn’t stop google to penalize some of them with penguin, not to talk about panda before that. Now a couple of sites received the “dreaded missive” about link schemes and we’re wondering why, since we NEVER sold links on them nor we participated in any link scheme whatsoever.

    Insomma, non ci si capisce un tubo, per ora.

    I’ll let you look up the translation to this last sentence by yourself.