• http://twitter.com/SemMetric SEMMetric

    Never a dull weekend!

  • http://twitter.com/ledermanu Uri Lederman

    yes @SEMMetric:disqus … Never a dull weekend it is.. :-)

  • http://twitter.com/websitesaleslab Website Sales Lab

    Lets see how we fare :) Yes never a dull moment. Anyone noticing results yet?

  • Alan

    About time.. The suspense was killing me!

  • http://twitter.com/mgme MasterTechMark

    I wonder if a data refresh will help people that made positive changes or at least took the time to clean up their in linking profile. Since I have never experienced a positive affect from an update I guess I’ll just hope for no change and learn to live with the scraps of traffic I still get.

  • Yousee

    Traffic dropped, these Panda and Penguin never do any Good to my website. Have these updated done any good to anyone.

  • http://twitter.com/ankitchkt ankit TheRealScholar

    I have not seen any change

  • http://seo-expert4hire.blogspot.com/ SEO Specialist Philippines

    Time to check the SERPs then… jeje

  • krill

    Big time linked scrubbed for our penguin hit over the summer…no improvement yesterday nor today. Checking around with a lot of other link scrubbers on the forums…and also no bump. Penguin seems to be a lifetime penalty and the WPMU recovery story seems to be a myth conflating a manual exception with how we all can recover from Penguin. Sad day for so many webmasters :( Google nows seems to be sending a clear signal to link builders that there is NO incentive to remove fake links because those of us who have linked scrubbed our sites meticulously have nothing to show for it. Guess the only option for penguin hit sites is to create a new site, which is so impractical.

  • http://twitter.com/websitesaleslab Website Sales Lab

    You removed the crappy links but did you do anything else?

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/111506395990228434496/about Stacey Cavanagh

    Not seen any notable change on any website I work with…

    Anyone else seen anything positive or negative?

  • krill

    Offsite, nothing…no artificial link building. Did do a reconsideration request, but got an automated message that our site wasn’t manually penalized (same that all penguin hit sites get).

    On site, yeah, just in case this isn’t Penguin we’ve tried adding new content, redoing our template, removing thin pages but nothing works. For reference our site ranked great before we link built and had never been penalized by anything. It got hammered on April 24th, got a decent bump on May 26th, which to me implicates Penguin/bad backlinks as our culprit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/syednetworks Syed Saud Shah

    My traffic 50% increased. This is good recover as i was badly hit my penguin at April 24.

  • http://twitter.com/MiamiSEM Miami SEM

    >>> “Big time linked scrubbed for our penguin hit over the summer…no improvement yesterday nor today”

    Listening to Google, Matt Cutts or Danny Sullivan’s advice here is deadly to your finances. Tried doing what they said for Panda only to see traffic get decimated update after update. It’s a fool’s errand

    >>> “Guess the only option for penguin hit sites is to create a new site, which is so impractical.”

    Or you can buy Google ads and help Google make even more money. (Penguinn’s and Panda’s original goal IMO)

  • http://twitter.com/MiamiSEM Miami SEM

    It’s the fourth quarter now. Google has to show Wall Street that earnings and clicks on ads are growing by 20-30+%. Penguin goal was to increase the avg cost per clicks that was going down.

  • gregrysmith

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d Swear that SEO was a soap opera!

  • Peter Kern

    As I was saying before… the best solution at the moment is to build a new website. I did it and all my new websites are in top ranking now. I was trying to recover my old good decent websites but nothing worked. They are still far far in the galaxy. How funny I can build a new website with little content and it will be ranked better than aged good quality site with a lot of content.

  • Durant Imboden

    Since when are all (or even most) searches about e-commerce?

  • verdilaurent

    Hopefully will bring good news to fight against spammers..

  • http://ftc.gov/ MonopolizedSearch

    Durant, who is it that implied most searches are eCommerce related? Surely it was not me that stated such. Please re-read my original comment.

  • http://wordswordsseowords.com/ Christopher Skyi

    Removing the bad may or may not help depending on how Google treats them. If they set their value to zero, removing nothing accomplishes nothing w/out getting new/better links. If the bad links are factored in a ratio of bad to good, the lower the ratio the better, and then improvement depends on the quality of the good links (weighted by ratio, which you want a low as possible so it has little effect), but by good I mean those that Google doesn’t have a problem with. In and by themselves, the links may be “poor” in that they we’re never doing you that much good. It’s hard work getting good links,and you can’t just ‘manufacture” them.

  • http://wordswordsseowords.com/ Christopher Skyi

    Ideally you want to be unaffected by these updates. After Penguin in 04/12, traffic to my personal site automatically improved because much of my competition got knocked down. My secret? I barely worked on my site seo wise (except for content creation) and I’ve never done any serious link building. In short, no SEO is far batter than bad or too much SEO.

  • Alain Nijholt

    Will check the SERPS right now….

  • Guest

    Yep. 10% increase in my site’s traffic with almost zero link building done.

  • Neil Joseph Yamit

    Same technique for me. No link building strategy. Just pure content. It takes a while for the site to pick-up visitors, though.

  • http://twitter.com/TroyGlancy Troy Glancy

    Effected my sites. One term went from number 1 to 36 and another one went from 2 to 7

  • Yousee

    My link building is very limited, although I do not refresh the content usually. Is this may be the reason ?If yes, then I see lots of website with poor or no content but better ranking in Google.

  • http://www.ydeveloper.com/e-smart-ecommerce-suite.html eCommerce

    Oh, there isn’t any more effect and major update as far as query’s concern, and happy to see my website’s improved ranking.

  • Rekha Bisht

    Finally Penguin update again, that great that its just affecting around 0.3% of searches. As it is just a data refresh. :) Thanks Cutts.

  • Anh Duong Truong

    almost king of content allways right

  • http://www.microsourcing.com/ MicroSourcing

    It makes sense that only 0.3% of English web pages will be affected given that these have already taken most of the beating during Penguin’s first two updates. Re-focusing on non-English pages can spell trouble for business owners who have been trying to evade the updates by focusing on their non-English sites.

  • http://twitter.com/sharithurow sharithurow

    Hey, does anyone know exactly what Google means by English language? Do they mean all English languages (American English, Canadian English, Australian English, etc.) or is it specific to the US?

    The reason I am asking is that we have overseas clients. They don’t seem to feel any effect of these Pandas.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Well, to be clear, if you’d listened to my advice over the years, you probably wouldn’t have gotten hit by Panda. My advice has always been not to depend solely on search engines for your traffic and focus on good content.

    From what I can tell from your various comments, you don’t really want to do that. You seem to think there should be some magic way for you to just recover whatever rankings that you lost — and complain a lot that it is all entirely Google’s fault.

    Maybe it is. Maybe Google has been absolutely 100% unfair to your site. If so, how about sharing what that site or sites are? I mean, if they are being penalized so unfairly, I’d sure love to be able to hold them up as an example of Panda or Penguin having gone wrong. I’ve done that in other cases. Maybe you could share your URLs with your comments?

    It’s pretty easy to fire up an account on Twitter called “Miami SEM” that seems used solely for the purpose to post anonymously over here. It’s hard to actually show exactly what’s going on, especially if it turns out you know that you probably got hit for a good reason.

    If you want to share your site, I promise, I’ll give it a good look. If you just want to harp about how everyone else has done something wrong, I’ll spend my time looking at people who do share. Seems like they deserve that attention more than you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nauthiz1 Trevor James McCann

    This update was such a fail. I had a pr 4 site with tons of quality content and backlinks that got slapped, and is also now out ranked by 3-4 single page wordpress exact match domains. Good job Google.

  • Peter Watson

    Since April 24th, I have been working my butt off removing inorganic links and cleaning my link profile. Compared to then, it is in very good condition. So why has Google ignored my last 5-6 reconsideration request? Beats me! Until my manual penalty is revoked, I will not see positive or negative changes as a result of Penguin. HELP!

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  • http://wpsites.net/ Brad Dalton

    Good to see they’re going after those thieving Spanish who copy English content and translate it into their language then post it on free hosted platforms with links back to their domain.

  • Sam haymans

    Yeah here’s one of them frpm Spain thats been stealing alot of content and spamming it onto Blogger and WordPress.com:
    Domain name : AYUDAWORDPRESS.COM
    Fernando Tellado,
    Ramon Fdez Soler 3, esc izq, 3 C
    Collado Villalba 28400
    ES +34.918505457

  • http://wpsites.net/ Brad Dalton


    Never done any link building in my life. Never spammed. Just written tutorials but i do know some keyword competitors have been performing negative SEO on my site and SEOMoz told me it came from over 30 domains.

  • http://www.tastythailand.com Reeves

    It’s simple really, NEVER use Google for search for anything. Then, as Yahoo, Bing and other search engines have more users, they have more power and Google has less. Problem solved :)

    And no, I never use Google search.

  • Matt McGee

    Sam, I edited your comment – no need to put the domain owner’s personal contact information in your comment. If someone wants to research that themselves via WHOIS, that’s their prerogative. Thx for understanding.

  • Peter Kern

    You wasted time on removing links which is the worst what you could do. Instead you should have concentrate on building a new website and start again.

  • Nicole

    I would love to take you up on your offer even though I am not one of the commenters above. My site is http://www.award-certificates.com it was badly hit by penguin but did not recover after this update. I should note that I have never tried to get a link.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Pete, I think there’s a small group of people who really don’t understand how journalism works, nor how we operate here, who get upset with Google and then decide that we’re not tough on them. That’s not the case, as I’ve explained before. I’ll give it one more go for you, then I’m going to get back to just writing stories.

    That’s because usually the only time I get these type of questions is when Google does an update that hits some people — many (but not all) of whom probably deserved to get hit, and there’s an influx over here from other forums as they try to figure out what to do next. The answer they seem to want is a universal condemnation of Google, along with a quick fix to restore their sites into the top results, regardless of the quality of those sites. Anything other that isn’t acceptable.

    Most of our regular readers seem to go through these updates just fine.

    No, I’m not a shareholder in Google nor in any search company. There’s a disclosures link at the end of my stories, in my author description, that explains this.

    Well, how about the search team making these changes in order to hurt relevancy and boost the share price for them. Because why? Because the core members of that team who run things are most pre-IPO Google employees who are somehow hurting for money? They’re not. Matt himself does angel investing into other companies. IE, he’s not sitting around thinking if only he can get Google to $800, he can retire happily. He could have retired happily, I’m sure, years and years ago.

    Why don’t I raise the issue of the same web site showing up over and over in the top 100 results? I have:

    25 Things I Hate About Google, Revisited 5 Years Later

    I raised it as one of the 25 things I hate about Google in 2006 (which is hardly being nice to Google) and raised it again in 2011. It’s the number two item. It’s not the only time I’ve mentioned this particular issue, but it sure demonstrates that you bet, I’ve brought the problem up.

    A post about the shocking nature of the search results. First of all, they aren’t. I’m sorry to burst the bubble of those relatively few but vocal people who were hit and thus assume that Google is now crap. But that’s not the case. If it were the case, people wouldn’t be using it. Even those supposedly millions of businesses that were hit are clearly still using it because its marketshare hasn’t changed one bit.

    Here’s a recent story we did on search engine satisfaction. Google has dipped slightly, as has everyone else other than Ask.com:

    Still, Google has plenty of room for improvement, and I’ve written about that repeatedly:

    Real-Life Examples Of How Google’s “Search Plus” Pushes Google+ Over Relevancy

    How The “Focus On First” Helps Hide Google’s Relevancy Problems

    Dear Google: Crappy Results Like This Don’t Give The Impression You Care About Search

    Did Penguin Make Google’s Search Results Better Or Worse?

    Those are just some examples.

    I’ll leave you with this. I not only raise the issue of search quality with Matt, as well as his boss Amit Singhal, but I’ve brought it up with Google cofounder Sergey Brin, as well:

    Reviewing Some Bad Google Search Results With Sergey Brin

    I’m sort of at a loss about what other proof you or anyone would want. I’m at a press conference, and I raise the issue of poor quality results in front of all the other reporters and Google execs there. After, when the event is over and I manage to get a little extra time with him, I actually work with him in front of a laptop and go through results, pointing out problems.

    That’s being a poodle?

    I absolutely do take Google and Bing to task over relevancy. But I also understand that running a search engine is hard. Getting relevancy right is tough.

    If you really want to talk about getting tough, why is it so many who were hit by Google updates never seem to have any problems with their sites, that they never have bought links, never have spun content, never agree that any change might have improve anything. It’s always 100% bad, which isn’t supported by usage stats.

    I think the answer is that some people only want someone to get tough on Google, not also to get tough on crappy sites that can pollute the same search results they’re saying are the worst ever. Maybe if we’re all going to be concerned about poor quality results, then we should also see some universal cry from out of the SEO industry that things like buying crappy links and using crappy spinning software should be shunned.

    That no, it shouldn’t be a big joke that someone generated a ton of income by taking content from someone else’s site, generating 1,000 variations of it, then got links by spamming blog comments.

    No one wants to do that. Far easier to just blame Google for everything, I suppose, or blame anyone who doesn’t blame Google for everything.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    A huge difficulty in trying to investigate a recovery is that Penguin doesn’t necessarily penalize a site. It also discounts links that might have worked before. So even if you’re removing bad links (something I find absurd that Google is trying to make people do), that doesn’t somehow make up for the fact that you may have lost links that counted as credit/votes before.

    Drop me a note through the contact form here — easier to look at your particular case and the sites that weren’t apparently caught if you can share.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    You’re not connected to rewardcharts4kids.com, which has the exact same footer text as your site, and which seems to link over to your site a lot? Or freeprintables4kids.com, which seems to use the same template as rewardscharts4kids.com. Or the same template as behaviorcharts4kids.com? These three sites seem to be the ones most linking to your awards-certificates.com site.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    The backlinks look fairly clean, even with the negative SEO you say has gone on. Why do you think that’s the case? And do you think that was happening before Penguin hit you or after? And were you hit by Penguin 1 or 2? What exactly happened to your site — are you completely gone, or what type of traffic drop have you experienced?

  • http://rosieteapot.blogspot.com/ Rosieteapot

    The spotlight on good quality websites with great content is strengthening with all these updates. I think it’s great!

  • http://wpsites.net/ Brad Dalton

    95%+ of my traffic from search has gone. Its limited to max 60 clicks a day now but now i’m getting around 16. It started on the 13 April and then got hit hard on the 24th. I’ve found my new content gets indexed really well than its gone within days. Looks like Penguin 1 hit me. Never got hit before that. Really weird but might have something to do with the negative posts i have written about Google? I applied for Adsense and got knocked back for copyright infringement then they approved it after i reapplied even though i didn’t make any changes.

    Any reports i need to make available let me know. Thanks

  • Nicole

    Thanks for checking this out. I don’t really understand what is wrong with interlinking when the content is totally relevant and helpful. I didn’t consider this link building but providing additional relevant content to users. My question is – does this innocent mistake now make the site worthy of being kicked out of the index?