• http://sarugu.com/ Albert Albs

    Thanks for sharing. I should update our business listing title first.

  • http://impactreputation.com/ Mindy Koch

    Where are the italics?

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    I’d consider holding off for now. I’m not so sure the fat lady has sung…

    I discovered and reported on a guideline change at my forum just on 1/28 that strictly prohibited adding city or KW to name. Shortly after I reported it, Google told me they had removed that change. I copied the before and after guidelines in my post. I assumed they pulled it for re-wording, but instead they did a complete about face.

    So the unwritten rule for years: No KW stuffing. Then 1/28 KW stuffing explicitly prohibited. Then one hour later removed. Now 2/20 KW stuffing explicitly allowed?

    A Map Maker expert said Google still tells him the MM guidelines allowing city/KW are going to be reversed, plus with all the concerns being expressed, I’m not so sure this is guideline update is going to stick.

    Plus there could be both citation and review impacts if you change your name. So I would proceed with caution and understand the potential risks/rewards before changing your name.

    Lots more details about the conflicting guidelines and potential risks in post #11: http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/google-local-important/15009-guideline-change-city-keyword-places-title-allowed.html

    Many are starting to feel like they should just wait until the dust settles on this. But I have a few consultants testing to see if adding City or KW causes an increase in rank due to adding city/KW OR a loss of rank due to citations not matching after the name change.

  • Brad Krupkin

    I updated all of my business listings to include city, state within the name about 30-40 days ago and have seen nothing but improved impressions as a result. Example would look like “Brand Name in Phoenix, AZ”. Guess this qualifies as one descriptor in addition to my actual business names?

  • http://www.bowlerhat.co.uk Marcus

    Hey, I think Linda makes a really important point here and the smart move is going to be to hold fire for now.

    Changing the name could upset citations and impact results, It could help as god knows we are seeing some dodgy results at the moment with spammy names.

    It all seems so odd though that if they do reverse this or change this policy then you could end up in a world of hurt (especially if you updated your listing and your citations).

    I am not going to put my business or any of my local clients into the beta testing for this so will be waiting and watching with the other smart and patient folks.

  • Rob Kissell

    Can someone advise me on how to report some BS going on in my market concerning duplicate local pages and KW stuffing? My competitor has 3 entities created on their property but only have 1 building. All are different variants and not their DBA name. One contains blatant KW spam and always has.. even submissions to mapmaker help and forums there got me nowhere.

  • Scott Davis

    I’ve been fighting with Google about a similar issue for going on 4 months now. Never get any response back after reporting the violations and them saying they’ll “look into it”.

    Getting tired of them looking into “Appliance Repair Dallas”, which isn’t the company name, location & phone number on map listing are different from the information provided on the website the map listing sends to, and on top of that, when you actually call the phone number, the answering service (no… you don’t get to talk to a real person) says the company name is something completely different. Do I really need to pull tax records from the state to prove this isn’t their name?

  • Scott Davis


    Have them call you. If you have any luck getting those bunk listings removed, there may be hope for us after all…