• Duane Forrester

    Bound to happen. If the mountain won’t come to Mohammad, Mohammad will go to the mountain.

    Good for them for putting this forward – truly a step in the right direction in terms of working with those who matter to you.

  • http://sejones.com click2dennis

    This was a very interesting proposal. The audience seemed stunned at first because I don’t think there were lots of developers in the room. Although it may seem highly technical, It’s definitely worth exploring. I think that the audience did at least understand the need for the solution. I’m surpised by the use of yet another special character (the exclamation mark) but if developers will adopt, it will be good for search.

  • http://www.mesrianilaw.com Robert

    Finally, Google gives in to AJAX. More and more sites nowadays relies on AJAX, because it is easily customizable and minor tweaks are needed when changing something within a site.

    Let’s see what more changes are happening within Google.

  • Jowita Blak

    Great! I’m sure many web developers and SEOs will feel relieved. Currently the Web contain so much dynamic content and Ajax is a truly fantastic solution for serving it. AJAX improves user experience and its ability to pull data from the server after the page has loaded contrasts with the traditional website architecture. We should see more and more websites using AJAX and users won’t longer have to wait for the pages to reload to see new results from the server. Another barrier removed…look forward to further improvemnts in google’s crawling technology.