• http://seo-theory.blogspot.com/ Michael Martinez

    Google continues to fail to address the core issues that have been raised, including points I raised more than once last year regarding the various technologies that have been utilized since before Google existed to manipulate click-counting services including Web polls, banner advertising networks, directories and search engines, hit counters, affiliate link programs, etc.

    The most sophisticated resources, established before Google existed (and in 1998-2000 designed to primarily target DirectHit and large banner networks), consist of networks of servers spread across multiple NOCs. They employ multiple IP addresses from numerous C-Blocks and they spoof user agents.

    These systems emulate click-throughs on a random basis and random “stay times” averaging anywhere frmo 3 seconds to several minutes.

    Google just absolutely does not address these technologies in its continued responses to click-fraud concerns.

    Click manipulation is very real, very sophisticated, and apparently very far ahead of Google — unless Google is not disclosing what it really knows about the technologies.

    But I am fast losing faith in their technical expertise in this area.

  • http://shumans.com Shuman Ghosemajumder

    Hi Michael, thanks for your comments. I’ve responded to your questions on the comment you left on my blog:


    Thanks again for your feedback. Again, as I said in my reply, the click fraud attempt methods you describe above are well known to us, and our click quality team deals with even more sophisticated types of attacks on a regular basis.