• http://twitter.com/seooutsourcing_ SEO Outsourcing

    Any reports of sites that got affected by Penguin 1.1?

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    It’s going to be hard for a lot of people to determine whether they were affected since it’s a major holiday weekend.  Many verticals experience either big spikes or significant downturns at times like this.  Instead of watching traffic people will have to look at rankings, which are a less reliable indicator of what is happening.

  • http://www.bloggertipsseotricks.com/ Mohammad Shadab

    we have seen minor changes in our blog Blogger & SEO Technology‘s ranking.

  • Sumit Rawat

    I have seen few changes in rankings of my blogs.. This update loyal to me :)

  • hipec

    Really not much here… I did notice on the scoreboard was a bit red yesterday but today some recoveries. 

    oh, btw..

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    Hacked site #1 – 
    http://www.kiwimagonline(.)com- – – -“how to get ex girlfriend back”7/10 Hacked results.Penguin is really doing it’s job, I’m convinced of it. Instead of backlinks driving the search results, now it’s just all DNS spammers. I really feel this is a great move for Google and their investors…. seriously…… ermm… Bing wins. :-X

  • http://learntipsandtricks.com/ Damu

    my post stealers are now above me as they are in blogspot website, which are ranked higher than my original post in my own domain.

  • Peter Kern

    Yet again google is trying to destroy SEO… A lot of searches now ends up in rubbish websites or big sites with copied and very short content like yelp, yahoo, youtube obviously 
    This is the end of small decent businesses

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nathan-Waddoups/693838452 Nathan Waddoups

    Does this mean that some people should see some recovery? If our sites haven’t recovered despite our best efforts to get rid of bad links, is it time to start over (as Matt Cutts mentioned)?

  • NickasLT

     In that sense, you will be making a site for google robot and SE, not your visitors. Oh wait but Matt Cutts said you should create sites for visitors and not for google. But then he said you should create new site if old one is purged by google, so you are creating site for google. Oh, wait…

  • http://www.fulltraffic.net/ Fede Einhorn

    Nice Nice Nice!!! Finally 2 backdoors that were outranked us are gone!

  • http://www.usenet.info.pl/ filesharing

     Just put the website, fill any content. Website will appear high in search results. It is scary to link.

  • http://moudiphotography.com/ Moudi Photography

    i am looking at a boost in my website ranking since penguin released, i dont know what i am doing to make that happen tho. lol

  • William

    Matt McGee, Matt Cutts states that Google just “pushed” a “data refresh” and not an update to their algorithm. Those are two very different things.

  • William

    To clarify some confusions, their is no indication of an update to the algorithm, but a “data refresh”. In other words, the filter/algorithm is the same, but the index is updated.

  • robthespy

    Yes, but a data refresh is no small event. Many sits who escaped Penguin, may now be penalized. And vice-versa.

    Also, I think we all know when Matt says “.01%” of all searches, it really means .01% now w/ huge numbers to be reported over the next few days or weeks .

  • William

    It is certainly not a small event. This may open up for the first real studies of the update and show what signals that matters. I would love to see some reports for sites that have ‘recovered’ after the data refresh.

  • http://twitter.com/napnipnop Berita Blogger

    My blog http://www.napnipnop.web.id got hit and lost 100% since 7 hours ago and all my keywords gone but copied content from my blog got number 1 position. What happened to you google?

  • marialatimerr

    I have experienced no change on my end. Is there a propagation period or gradual affect or is it an instant change once your website escapes the penguin?

    The last 4 weeks have gone into changing my website to comply with google’s guidelines and I’m shocked that nothing has changed in terms of ranking with my website. Some people here claim they saw a change, however, I’m not sure what to believe.

    Maybe this will work?:)

    Still looking for answers…

  • Peter Kern

    Complying with google guidelines is total rubbish… A lot of spammy websites with duplicated content are currently at the top of the searches while the decent aged websites are totally ignored.

  • http://twitter.com/livemz Live Magazine

    @Peter Yep that’s true. Even websites with automatic content like RSS score very high in the Google search engine.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    No, that’s not correct. With Panda Updates, Google typically makes a variety of changes to them to try and improve the filter. That’s what we can expect with Penguin. This update should cause some sites that have made changes that are significant to be released from penalties, perhaps curb any false positives out there and catch those that weren’t caught before — if the changes match Google’s stated goals.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    I wouldn’t start over just yet. I’ll be doing a follow-up article, but I suspect that part of the issue for those who don’t recover is that they were never penalized in the first place but rather no longer get link credit from some sources that used to help. I’m trying to get Google to confirm if this could be the case. I’d hang in there a bit longer.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    A data refresh means an algorithm update, likely a minor one given the percentage of sites impacted, but an algo update still.

  • Chris Endres

    A bit confused by what appears to be your sarcasm. Hacked in your verbiage means Google or some privateer on a romp? Also there is the hint of a good point, although seemingly missed in focus, that the value of the penguin is found not in links but rich LSI content with standard internal and external linking structures… correct?

  • Rob Miller

     Looking forward to seeing what happens!

  • http://twitter.com/veezy valentine

    Has anyone confirmed if Penguin updates apply to international as well?

  • Sheldon Campbell

    I don’t think a knee-jerk reaction is in anyone’s best interest, particularly over a holiday weekend, when data is historically volatile. It’s certainly nothing new to see some collateral damage, but most often, that stabilizes after a bit and many (most, hopefully) of the sites hit with false positives will recover.
    I’d suggest letting the dust settle before taking any drastic action. We should all have a better idea of the real impact after a week or so.

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  • amine zid

    My site is completely invisble today, yesterday i was in the first page, I’m tired of google algorithms

  • http://twitter.com/silemine silemine

    I lost almost all my rankings, my site is now completely invisble, it’s weird i don’t use blackhat seo, my link building strategy consists only of good quality directeries and press releases, i’m tired of google algorithms :(

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    It might be that the good quality directories and press releases don’t count for much, any longer. With the directories, that makes sense. Most of these directories out there aren’t actually used in the way directories of old were, to find things. Many of them seem to exist solely as a way for people to list themselves in hopes of getting Google traffic. As for press releases, when they’ve become such an easy way to manufacture links, it also makes sense they’d be discounted. In both cases, it’s not that the links were spam — they just weren’t that great. So I’d be looking at new links to get.

  • http://www.facebook.com/abdolali Amir-abbas Abdolali

     Yes. our website (www.wedesign.ir) was in first position for the term “طراحی سایت” which means web design in Persian. from last night we lost our position and we are not in first position anymore. now we are in 20th page of the result !! 

  • Peter Kern

    Ok if this is true what you are saying why there are so many spammy websites with duplicated content in top searches? Is it because they didn’t do any SEO? It seems that Google wants to finish SEO practice and even sacrifice good decent websites just because some of them did some link submission for example to directories. There are now big websites names all over the place. I don’t think Google simply discounted some of the link building. Google penalised websites for this. They don’t care if the website is now good quality and exists few or more years. Some fresh rubbish sites now are better. 

  • Peter Kern

     This update should cause some sites that have made changes 
    Yeah right. 

  • Peter Kern

    I could understand that if the website drops a little, let’s say from 1-3 place to 2 or even 3 page. But if the website drops to nowhere it is definitively penalty. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001499043266 Redzroid Meh

    Hi i like this sharing widgets below the post, how can i get it ?? 

  • http://twitter.com/CataRaul Catalina Mihai

    Yes , a few hours ago one of my site went for a keyword from #2 to #20 and another keyword form #7 to….nowhere… (country based site and keyword ) . The site has only unique content…the ” funny ” thing is now on the first page is just rubbish low quallity sites , “good job ” Google !

  • http://twitter.com/raulw Raul Lazar

    One of my site , went for a keyword from #3 to #22 and another keyword form #5 to..maybe i shouldn’t say ,on place #100+ . It’s an high quallity site and the interesting thing is…on the first page in is just low quallity sites and more interesting , there are four ” free domains ” ( subdomains ) . This what i call an Update , i don’t know what to say or do , to laugh or cry ?

  • JassyPets21

    I had one site that improved in SERPs from Penguin 1.0, but with Penguin 1.1 lost all rankings accept the EMD which went from #1 to #2.

    I guess I’m part of the <0.1%.

  • http://www.compassquote.com/ Brian Greenberg

    I am very disappointed with Google.  I have been trying to use alternative search engines in response.  The door is wide open for Bing or another competitor to make a move.  Here’s hoping.  Apple? Facebook?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RRGVXBTUPSIHTR6NAOWPT4KCOU Armin Graf

    Well, I got hit by the update as well, but lost lots of rankings before with my flagship.
    I used the form to inform google about their mistake (the site is the best in the niche),
    but, I am not sure they really read these forms for keyword claims that are under 100k exact match searches… However, I think, google wants to stop SEO at all, and rather would like people to invest in PPC.

  • junkmonster

    According to Matt Cutts’ tweet about the update, he says the Penguin update affects “English searches”…So, is that English the US and abroad? And does that mean the update does NOT affect non-English searches//sites?

  • http://twitter.com/seobloggerstips SEOBloggersTips

    I saw a drop in search engine visitor count almost 50%… not sure whether it Penguin or weekend effect

  • http://www.nova-media.fr Webagency paris

     merci matt… on va bien finir par faire du SEO plus blanc que blanc

  • http://www.facebook.com/seo.jaipur Seo Jaipur

    My site is completely up in Google Penguin 1.1. It is Great For My Site

  • http://twitter.com/raulw Raul Lazar

    It’s affecting all others not only English sites , my site was hit and it’s not in english and the first page results it’s unrecognizable in my niche ( google.ro )

  • http://twitter.com/StoreCoach Store Coach

    If you are focusing exclusively on directories and press releases, that’s probably not the best SEO strategy. Especially if you have a lot of backlinks and they are all from these 2 types of websites. I would suggest mixing in the following:

    1. Guest writing – look for some guest writing opportunities on good quality websites that are related to yours. Guest article writing and blogging can both give you solid, natural backlinks.

    2. Build up a social following – Interact with others that are interested in your topic on Twitter & Facebook. Then when you have the opportunity, you can send followers to good content on your website that’s related to the subject. This will result in more followers & some natural links to your website from the followers.

    3. Post on authority forums in your market – Don’t spam them, but become a respectable member that adds a lot of good insight and value to discussions. When something comes up that you are a good resource for, you can direct people to the appropriate page on your website or blog.

    All of these are great ways to build natural backlinks and followers.

  • http://www.seobuilding.net/ SEOBuilding

    There are two main things I keep seeing, devaluation of links, resulting in websites tanking, and excessive “niche and LSI” related content on websites, which are causing a decrease in rankings. Obviously assuming you have your anchor text as natural as possible, these  two previously mentioned things are what I keep seeing that are hurting website owners. Often it may be unintentionally, but it’s happening none th eless. 

  • Paul Phifer

    i’m sorry – but is this seriously a post? wow. interested in being the 1st to rank for Google Penguin 1.1 much?

  • http://ultimatemarketingstrategies.net Peter Sundstrom

    Sorry about the double post. My browser was playing up.