• Durant Imboden

    The “500 changes a year” makes sense to me.

    Our site hasn’t had any signficant Google changes in months.

  • Scott Davis

    Hotel Organic traffic from Google has looked funky for about 2 weeks. We were theorizing it had something to do with G-Maps.

  • Tian_Mian


    Maybe some testing for the next Penguin update, which should be released on May 23th if Google keeps it’s pattern. A test is not an update so Google wouldn’t lie.

  • Luca

    All our UK sites experienced a massive ranking changes this days starting from the 1st of may. I have seen same kind of ranking bounce on 5 different sites on google.co.uk. I thing google is hiding something…

  • http://netpeak.ua/ Dmitry Pelymsky

    Waiting something loud from Google.

  • Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben

    Barry, many of us on a popular internet writing site have been seeing an upswing on our content since May 6. I checked here (my go-to site) and heard nothing. I have not seen similar change on my blogs or on any other site. Last year we got Panda-slapped and are hoping Google has decided to smile on us again. We’re debating whether it’s a site fluke or a genuine upward trend. (hoping for latter, expecting former…) That other sites are reporting an influx makes me cautiously optimistic.

  • http://www.cinemafunk.com CinemaFunk

    I noticed a huge bump in search query impressions all last week for a client. Returned to normal this week.

  • Sudhir

    just prepare for Next battle to Google update

  • http://www.BestOnlineResults.com/ Joshua

    We have seen a couple of sites that we have been cleaning up drop on May 13th. Perhaps, there are a lot of links out there that we just can’t see or Google has just decided to tighten down their algorithm even more so. In any case, our plan is to keep our head down and clean up all of the low quality links that we can.

  • http://www.seonorthamptonshire.org/ Hans Storrie

    Informative research and a great article. There really shouldn’t be any need for strictly ‘white hat’ seo agencies to be concerned too much if they continue to implement best-practice seo strategies and techniques for their clients from the outset. Trying to get smart with Mr.G will only result in a long road to recovery, which for many business owners, could prove extremely costly!

  • http://www.readytowakeup.biz David Liciaga

    Our websites took a substantial hit. All very white hat SEO – over 6k FB Likes (100% organic) over 2k twitter microbacklinks (100% organic) close to 1k pinterest repins, etc….all links were white hat and organic.

    My thought process is that there was an update or a cleaning, but that it didn’t impact my site per se, just the sites that were linking in. Probably killed a little bit of link juice and I dropped about 15 positions for the main keyword overnight (it hurt to see that happen this morning).

    Will be examining what is going on, and perhaps helping some of these tier 1 properties clean up their link profile to get the site back.

    Giving it 2-3 more days to see where the site settles. 15 places in either direction is a big move and cannot be permanent.

  • James McCarthy

    I’m working for a digital marketing company and our ecommerce sites impressions dropped 80% 10 days ago with no unusual changes to their rankings.I think Google has localised their searches.