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    Truthiness, Google, and the American way.

    Google lawyers are fuming I am sure.

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    Well the Google legal team needs something to do before the anti-trust case happens. I mean, Google’s “don’t be evil” motto is about as trustworthy as Microsoft was a decade ago. Sure, they haven’t reached a true monopoly yet and they aren’t abusing their power yet…but it’s getting closer each year. All Google needs to do is to get a bit pushier with the Google Pack and it’s other less than stellar non-search junk and it will be well on its way to some fun Microsoft-style anti-trust litigation.

    If such litigation doesn’t happen, well then something is going to happen to shake up Google. It happens to every company. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, Microsoft got anti-trusted, and Google is going to get…who knows? No matter what, in the next few years something like that is bound to happen. It always does.