• Kelly Gillease

    Another new feature added that I think is fairly significant are the handling of negatives. Keywords are all now on one tab with filters for “positives” and “negatives”. The Placements tab and Audiences tab also have the positives and negatives treatment. And as a result, the Negatives tab, now rendered unnecessary, has vanished.

  • http://soundcloud.com/mikeh2bi Mike Hagley

    I’m having issues running AdWords Editor 9.0 after installing on Windows 7.

    I chose the \Backup then Update\ option when upgrading, as I have a lot of un-posted changes and comments.

    Has anyone encountered a similar problem? And/or know of a solution?

    I would like to avoid uninstalling version 9.0 and reinstalling an earlier version as I’m worried I will lose my work.

    I do believe I can restore the program to an earlier restore point, but this will mean I will still lose the last 3 months work, which is also something I’d like to avoid.



  • Aldo Polledro

    Hello Mike,

    I experienced the same problems with Windows 7 today, and I am still looking for a solution.

    I’ll let you know if I would be able to solve the problem.


  • EricWinter

    Same problem here! Adwords Editor on Windows 7. Looking for a fix!