• http://dynamical.biz/blog/ Ani Lopez

    It is a pity that when a country is selected for local keywords, links at keywords showed are always linking to google.com/search?q= instead the localized version of google.

    The same is happening with links to Insights for search

    If I’m looking for keywords in Spain, spanish links should point to google.es/search?q= instead.

    poor international / multilingual support for a great tool

  • http://optimizeguyz.com Brent Rangen

    So what happens now to the SK tool? I don’t see a point in using it anymore.

    This is great news in my opinion (and I wrote about it on my blog) how the bloated estimates from GSN did not do anyone any good!

  • http://www.searchmarketingweekly.com shuey03

    I’m glad that Google has finally come out and said why search volume is MUCH lower than the previous keyword tool.

    Even though none of us truly believed that the previous search volume was gospel truth, it is nice to see the “new” numbers, however, I personally believe they are still inflated.

  • Pastorius

    The old keyword tool was much better, Google has taken a step backwards.