• http://commonstupidman.com/ Shahnawaz Sadique

    No one can never ever understand what Google wants to do :D

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    That sounds rather confusing to me.

  • Martin Day

    Have Google ever said sorry we got it wrong?

  • Peter Krell

    They had me at “canonicalized”.

  • Matt Smith

    If you do a Google search for [hometownlocator site:senate.gov] you’ll see 15 pages where the snapshots and rich-snippets are all from HomeTownLocator.com, but Google is attributing it to a “Thank you for visiting the Senate!… you are exiting the Senate website.” page.

    Here’s another example: Do a Google search for [“city-data” site:senate.gov] and you’ll get dozens of search results pages where the snapshot and rich-snippets are from city-data.com, while the Google search results link to the same US Senate website exit page.

    There is nothing to suggest that the US Senate website has ever had a redirect to HomeTownLocator.com or city-data.com nor vice versa. Thus, the “canonicalized URL” explanation doesn’t seem to fly.