• http://cfoxchange.com Jonathon Frampton

    Finally! JK, still don’t know if this is one of those keep me private deals or if I am just happy to be able to refine my Adwords efforts???

  • jmb98115

    Great, now I will have to root/jailbreak my phone and add an appropriate entry for all Google ads.

  • http://www.artifxmedia.com AMI

    Really it is about time. Capturing our targets attention is increasingly more difficult. This will help.

  • beatrice baker

    Wonderful news! Increased return on promotional efforts will benefit from Google’s targeting efforts. http://www.melmarketinggroup.com

  • daveb


    when I look in my adwords accounts I still only see this option if the display network is chosen and not for the search network. I cannot see anything in your article that specifies if that is the case or not. Do yo have any knowledge if this is available for text ads on the search network? Thanks.


  • http://www.ivantemelkov.com Ivan Temelkov

    Google has been fooling around with behavioral targeting for quite some time now. I’m actually curious to find out the success rate and ROI on this.

  • http://www.realcreatives.com Malcolm Rasala

    Morally repugnant. There is something very nasty about a service that wants to snoop on the private actions of a free human being to line its shareholders pockets with ever more money. Is nothing sacred? Hopefully there will be a growing wall of opposition to this ‘money-centred’ myopic little view of the world. To treat ones fellow man with such noxious intent indicates the extraordinarily narrow minds running this morally repugnant intrusion into our private lives. Shocking!!! History will record this with the contempt it deserves

  • http://www.realcreatives.com Malcolm Rasala


    Do no evil WAS the Google byword we were told. What could be more evil (other than physical cruelty) than feeding minds with specious propaganda they have not freely requested. Its kind of what the communists did to brainwash captured POW’s. Nuts? Think about it long deep and hard. Do you want to propagandized to 24/7 with messages about things you do not want?. What is propaganda otherwise. Surely there has to be some small area of our lives that advertisers have no right to enter?