• http://www.blackbeardseo.com Blackbeard

    Chalk this one up as another attempt by Google to drive click prices back up. Obviously the AdSense network quality has been steadily decreasing and ROI continues to plummet for advertisers, but perhaps if Google didn’t just accept anyone who signed up for a blogger account these quality issues wouldn’t be out there as much. Then again, AdSense is by no means the most efficient revenue model for most websites, so perhaps this will drive more webmasters to use more creative and efficient advertising. We’ll see.

  • Bill R

    As an advertiser, I left the content network long ago thanks to tricks like this. I’ve seen some very “effective” use of images to generate clicks. Most recently, I noticed a recipe site putting very nice images of food on above a row of ads – it was very easy to assume the link would lead to a recipe matching that item.