• http://www.mcanerin.com Ian McAnerin

    This is good timing. Yesterday, I wrote an article in my blog about exactly this issue, though from a different viewpoint:


    Based on the my analysis then, I fully expected this, and I believe it’s also the wrong direction.


  • http://www.chinasearchmarketingtour.com David Temple

    Nice catch Barry. Google just can’t get it right in China no matter what they do. They made a smart move getting Kai Fu Lee from Microsoft, although they had to go to court on that one. Then Google started stumbling. They changed their name to Gu Ge which went over like a lead balloon, got sued by their and most recently lost the vp or co president Johnny Chou. It will be interesting to see how they make up ground, but I don’t see it happening.

  • Rose Water

    One thing google could beat baidu on is relevance and quality: baidu puts paid results in the searches, which leads to distrust. Google is always adamant about having “these results are sponsored” everywhere their ads reach.