• paulaspeak

    Wikipedia, really? Is anyone else bothered that Google considers Wikipedia a quotable source? Two of the four examples above use Wikipedia “facts.” If high school and college teachers won’t permit students to cite Wikipedia because its information is considered untrustworthy, Google shouldn’t either.

  • http://www.tylerherrick.com Tyler Herrick

    Schools used to be dumb on the restriction of Wikipedia, but that changed years ago, I’ve never had a teacher tell me flat-out that I couldn’t use Wikipedia; just use the sources in the Wikipedia article and voila. Go change something on Wikipedia and see how long it takes to get reverted. Google probably considers the entire internet “untrustworthy”; but if I had to guess, I bet more trustworthy information comes from Wikipedia than from any other internet source.

  • paulaspeak

    Tyler: I agree that teachers allow the “use” of Wikipedia, but they generally do not allow quoting or citing Wikipedia in academic writing. As you said, original sources can be found in Wiki that can then be researched and cited.

    My point is that Google, of all entities, should be able to access the primary or secondary source for information and quote that. By quoting Wikipedia, Google seems to be taking the easy way out.