• D T

    Here is post from the analytics POV about this scam – http://goo.gl/pRBOu

  • http://www.couponzguru.com/ Vikash Khetan

    The major reason for this is when users search on google which they are logged into gmail, google+ or any other google products. So basically at that time google encrypts the users action and sends them to the landing page using https instead of http an thus this KW is not tracked by the analytics. Had been trying to get a fool proof way to overcome it, but no success yet. If anyone knows about how to overcome this, then please share.

  • http://twitter.com/WebsiteReviewCo Website Review Co.

    Its not privacy with Google. Google will kill off other analytics suppliers as people won’t keep paying when large portions of their data is unaccounted for. I believe that in 18-24 months time, Google will switch to offer a 2 versions (excluding the current expensive one) a free version with basic stats and a premium version that is paid for, but provides all data.