• http://jameshalloran.net/ James R. Halloran

    And so begins the era of app SEO! Any word on whether Google will buy out Quixey or not?

    An app search engine that goes beyond the Google Play and Apple app stores will definitely be a hard-sought investment soon enough. Hopefully that platform will also be up-to-date on which apps are malicious or not. I can already see mobile viruses coming on the horizon, too.

  • Carl Brandson

    @Greg Sterling I like the post but I have a small question regarding the data you have dicussed. When you google is saying that most of the searches are made for apps and these searches are not made on its Google Search Engine then where these “Apps Searches” are made? Secondly, how people are using Google Search on Mobiles what are there search quries often times?

    Please elaborate on my above asked questions.