• http://twitter.com/davidhmcguire David H. McGuire

    Very interesting and I will be interested to see the turn of events.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1077880282 David Radicke

    It´s the same for several countries in Europe, not just the UK… I see the problem with Ireland´s low corporate taxation…
    But even Ireland might wake up once all tax-smart corporations move their organisation to the next cheaper haven…

  • DukeTanson

    I think the MPs are making pointless noise. What they should be focusing on is the loopholes that exist and close them. Google hasn’t done anything wrong. The saw a gap and took advantage of it. Yes, morally they shouldn’t be doing that but that is another subject matter. Loopholes in the tax system has existed for years and tax officials are aware of it. It makes you wonder why they haven’t done anything about it all these years. There are companies out there, whose sole business model is to look for such gaps and help clients exploit them.

  • http://www.shaadhamid.com/ Shaad Hamid

    I think these financial schemes run by Google are far worse than the link schemes it tries to battle. What moral right does Google have to police the web when it by its own volition look for loopholes in the system to gain maximum profit?