• http://www.advancedwebads.com/ Frank Adams

    I think Google had made their point on this lawsuit thus they had withdrawn their lawsuit to the other 50 defendants. It is really ridiculous to use other companies name just for the benefit of getting those sales. They may have used advertising campaigns to get those sales. They may had used advancedwebads for cheap advertising for unlimited banner impression for a flat monthly fee. I am sure they’ll get those sales in no time.

  • http://speeddatingnyc.co Brad Xavier

    I agree with Frank. These are the same type of people who give Internet Marketing a bad name. I’m almost inclined to say that they deserved every bit of what they got. Nice job Google.

  • http://xraytechnicianinfo.com abdul

    Wow… That was really a great News. I have been waiting for this news since couple of years. These companies are making hell in the market. Due to these companies Quality of google advertisers are decreasing day by day and gradually CPC value decreases.

    In my city some people used to run their private network “Google cash now”. What they are doing is, they are offering some 500-1000 blogs for each Home employed person. And They are creating fraud clicks on Google ads. These clicks will lead to conversion rate to ZERO.

  • http://wordsandvisions.wordpress.com/ MariaHF

    Good to see this happening. Brands should always be protected – even if it’s now more difficult to do so in the actual Google search results.