• Jordan McClements

    I don’t have a lot of data for this in the UK. But what I do have I will share.

    I had another client (lead generation) who I managed for a few months who had set things up themselves and opted into the GDN.

    I opted out of Display.

    Optimised the campaign.

    Turned on CPA bidding.

    Got down to a much much better CPA within their budget.

    Turned on ‘Display Select’.

    Got 4% extra leads at approx the same cost per lead. (And I wager that these leads were of worse quality than the ones from the search network).

    *This is far from an exhaustive test and it would be interesting to see what other people have managed to get out of it in practice, but I’m 75% sure that Google claims about what you get from the GDN while maintaining your CPA are exaggerated…

  • Ian Harper

    What effect does the guest blogging and scrapping have on these numbers? Google needs to think these type of controls over, or are they getting to big now that the right hand does not know what the left is doing?

    We just need some else to come along now and show bloggers how to make money from their content. with desktop search from windows maybe Microsoft are ahead of the game on this?

    Google is now in the business of the politics of blogging with big changes at microsoft and talk about bing and the rise of anti google talk it could all add up to change.

    As a side note with chrome OS now have a short end date do they really understand their users any more? just hope that the talk from microsoft about free OS that its linked to Bing revival.

    we need it