• Pat Grady

    CPA Bidding, “We prefer CPC bidding because of its flexibility, and we tend to get pretty good ROI using it.” We also prefer CPC bidding, the tracking / attribution of sales with CPA bidding is too squooshy. CPA is just a way of doing scale, like a pet shop with 60,000 SKUs – where the number of Auto Targets is so large, and the discrete CPC settings would apply to smaller individual datasets, as to be a Large Scale Automation tool, not an ROAS Optimization tool. If your scale is manageable with Auto Targets and more direct CPC bidding and tracking, you’ll be able to optimize ROAS far better. The idea, that you somehow “pay less” on a CPA model, persists with our clients. It’s still a CPC auction, no matter how you choose to pay. Leaving your calculated effective CPC bid, dependent on the vagaries of CPA attribution, is a looser, not tighter (or cheaper) method of ROAS control.

  • http://twitter.com/sammmer Sam Mazaheri

    Hi Mona, your link says “google.shopping.com” instead of “shopping.google.com”

  • http://www.facebook.com/sergey.lucktinov Sergey Lucktinov

    I’m not sure if this is an issue right now but when we started using PLAs CPA bidding was not working.

  • http://twitter.com/Chirag_Dattani Chirag Dattani

    Great Article! What’s going to be really interesting moving forward with the launch of PLA’s on Mobile Devices is that how Google determines the Ad position for the PLA’s on Mobile Devices. PLA campaigns for Mobile may need some additional optimization techniques depending on the factors involved determining the Ad positions.

  • Jasmin

    Hi Mona,

    it’s also possible to create a Search Query Report on AdGroup Level:

    PLA campaign -> Select an AdGroup -> Auto Targets Tab -> Show Keywords -> Select “All”

    (I’m not sure if the button is called “Show Keywords” in english because I don’t have an english dashboard but you’ll find it just beside the “Change Satus” & “More Actions”)

    Using this report is much more comfortable when you have big campaigns with a lot of AdGroups


  • http://www.alanmitchell.com.au/ alanmitchell

    I give each product it’s own ad group, and track each ad groups’s revenue in Google Analytics to work out ROI for each product and ad group. Bids can then be optimised for each ad group based on the ROI it generates. In my experience, it is much more effective having multiple products in the same ad group, than having to tediously mine for insights using the limited data which is available.