• ScottyMack

    I never put any trust at all in fourth quarter numbers. People desperate to get any gift as quickly as possible for Christmas presents skew the numbers greatly in December. The Google decline in conversion rates makes sense as more and more merchants are finally realizing that whining about having to pay doesn’t get them any sales and the competition has increased from just a handful of sites paying for Product Listing Ads to dozens in each niche. More selection for the consumer means they are exposed to the competition who will inevitably capture some of the sales/leads.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ric.sansand Ric Sansand

    This is crap because advertising ROI is flawed by its measurement and if you factor in loyalty to Amazon from repeat buyers like myself, Google cant really compete.

    I buy from Amazon a dozen times a year and have never bought via Google once. point made!