• http://searchengineland.com Mike Dobbs


    Interesting post, and thanks for the updates. I find it interesting that Google is now providing more horsepower or advantage for a select set of travel “aggregation” sites and their pricing display via Local/Maps, and now within Google’s advanced filter options. And, to your point, perhaps within a more prominent Universal result set – TBD. Seems like the hotel chains themselves get cut out of this direct pricing opportunity, for now at least.

    Also, should this really be deemed a “shopping” result? I’m not sure I’d classify as such, only because the pricing for hotels (per these examples) is not coming out of the Google “shopping or product” database, or is it? I’m thinking (prices) must be captured via an exclusive feed with these select aggregation sites, or via Google’s normal web crawl.

    Thanks again for the post, always interesting to see what Google is testing each day!

  • http://www.tnooz.com kevinlukemay


    Thanks for the coverage…

    To clarify, these results (which we haven’t seen replicated anywhere yet, thus why we think it was just on Google.ca for a brief period of time) were obtained from a search from the Google homepage.

    No filters were set and the results (with prices perhaps from Google Shopping) were returned immediately from the search query.

    Fun and games eh.

  • http://www.d4bmarketing.com djfink2001

    Can hotel prices come from google base type shopping results?

  • Antti Aapakari

    Interesting test! If it’s implemented everywhere it will certainly make SEO a little more of a challenge since it gives users one less reason to click through.

  • Darkhuntress

    Surly no one is surprised. It’s Google after all. They already know everything there is to know about you. Where you go on the web, what your bookmarks are, how often you visit those “mature” sites , where you shop, which forums interest you and all your concerns since you go right to them to search for more information.

    Why does this further intrusion shock anyone?